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mercredi 07 février 2018

The IoT Chair provides MBA in IM students with challenging Company Consultancy Projects

The Internet of things Chair offers ESCP Europe students a great field of work: Company Consultancy Projects (CPPs)

IoT Chair CPP Valeo MBA in IM

Last year, a student’s group from the MEB worked for Société Générale Insurance in that context.

Since October of 2017, Valeo entrusted MBA in International Management students with two 3-month consulting assignments about what a positive driving experience can look like in the future, and how to improve it. 

The two CPPs fill squarely within these challenges: 

The first CPP entitled “Content Over The Air” aimed to translate the Content Over the Air technology and innovations into a profitable business in line with Valeo’s Visibility System strategy. The second CPP aimed to identify a way to make Valeo’s HD-weather profitable.
Both were collaborative consultancy projects carried out by two teams of seven and five made up of ESCP Europe MBA in IM students with diverse backgrounds…  

IoT Chair CPP Valeo MBA in IM

The Company Consultancy Project (CCP), which is a key element of the programme, provides students with an unforgettable experience and opportunity to perform in-depth analysis using various business tools, deliver fresh insights and present innovative recommendations to the partner company. 

Sophie Porte, Product Marketing Manager at Valeo Visibility Systems attended the final presentation. 
"Such projects are a great opportunity for both parties. Students work on concrete cases and move from academics to a professional presentation, understanding to use what they learn in class in daily life. At the same time, we get challenged by their perception of our business. This is also an opportunity for Valeo to attract talents by showing how IoT is about to be a game changer for our visibility systems."


What did students take away from it? 
“Dynamic, horizon-opening and actually, thrilling experience!” they said.
“We especially enjoyed the brainstorming sessions, having a really good vibe going on. We appreciated that we overcame challenges by discussion. In the project itself, we really enjoyed the process of funnelling creativity to reach a satisfying final design.”

This CPP gave students a taste of IoT issues and it inspired them to consider getting a job in the IoT area: “Along the research process, we discovered the fabulous future of connected cars. The shift from goods manufacturer to service provider is one of the biggest transformations the industry is to experience in the next years. I would like to be a part of it!” Myriam says while Shashank adds "Internet of Things is one of the biggest disrupter in the Industry."

Congratulations again to the students teams: Shashank Chandrasekharan, Catherine Garcia, Paul Mena, Subha Mukherjee, Umar Rehman, Shruthi Sudhakara and Maomao Xu (Content Over The Air Project).

And to Myriam Ben Ameur, Guy Luchting, Atta Rehman, Martin Schilling, Caisheng Zheng (HD-weather project)

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