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mercredi 28 février 2018

ESCP Europe's London Campus hosts inaugural Tech Days: Leadership 4.0 – 'At the crossroads between management and technology'

ESCP Europe London Campus joined forces with Comau, our partner for the Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA), and Lectra, our partner for the 'Fashion & Technology' Chair, to host a successful and inaugural high-impact Tech Days event. 

A networking event with C-level professionals who will be responsible for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the transformational future of manufacturing industry.

Tech Days was a 2-day programme, welcoming over 200 guests. Our audience, roundtables and discussion groups engaged in discussion and debate with senior figures and CEOs from leading-edge organisations such as Lectra, BCG, HAT, Fernbrook Partners, Farfecth, All Saints, Holition, Comau, Eurostar, Amazon, Hyundai, Burberry, Ted Baker, Temperley London, Bloomberg, Wipro Limited, Google, Avasant and Yahoo.

The initiative behind Tech Days is to bring together those with knowledge of Industry 4.0 and the future leaders in the digitisation of the manufacturing sector.

It also served to support our Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA) programme, which successfully shows how merging technology and management will be a requirement for all businesses and organisations operating through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our relationship with Lectra and Comau allows ESCP Europe to offer not only academic excellence but the practical and industry-focused expertise to transform our stakeholders' businesses.

At the event, our Leadership 4.0 panellists offered their analysis and expertise to identify four key insights that every business must consider in facing the 4th Industrial Revolution. These are: 

The best leaders will be gamers and will need to game everything

As the next generation shows up for work, young people will bring with them their gaming experiences. Design, problem-solving, implementation and even strategy can be approached as gamers. Gamers learn together, share together and amplify their impact. Faced with these learning communities, powerful new guilds in business, today's executives will have to learn the benefits of gaming, or face obsolescence.

Future leaders will live in a blended-reality world, rich in data and media

Future leaders will connect to their key constituencies through holographic avatars and AI-enabled advisors. Big data analytics will provide a much more accurate sense of how workers and customers perceive the company, its marketplace, and the quality and impact of its choices. If crowd-sourcing software could do a better job of tapping into worker attitudes, issues, and concerns, leaders would have more time to do what they do best.

Leaders must learn how to excel at the edge of their competences, without pretending to know what they don't know
Effective leaders will have to develop competences which are T-shaped, possessing not only depth but breadth. In a changing world, effectiveness at the edge of a leader's competences will be more valuable than depth of knowledge in the safety of their specialities. 

Body hacking: leaders will use body sensors to monitor and enhance their own energy levels and effectiveness and the performance of their team members

High resolution body hacking will allow leaders to make and remake their own bodies, enhance personal energy levels and performance, and help them be more prepared for the leadership changes they will face. Successful leaders will be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. In turn, they must ensure their teams are healthy, happy, effective and productive.

The roundtable on 1st February was moderated by the Academic Director for the EMMA programme, Prof. Giovanni Scarso-Borioli

For more information about Tech Days and/or our programme join our social media channels: Facebook where you can replay the panel discussion; Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also visit our website at:

ESCP Europe

Crochenka McCarthy
Marketing & Recruitment Manager – Executive Education, London Campus
Tel: +44 (0)20 7443 8823

Laure Herold
Communications & PR Manager, Communications Division ESCP Europe:
Tel: +33 (0)1 49 23 27 89

About Comau 

Comau, a member of the FCA Group, is a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation solutions that integrate products, technologies and services to help companies of all sizes increase plant efficiency while lowering operating costs and optimising returns. 

Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Comau has over 40 years of factory-proven experience, and an international network of 34 locations, 15 manufacturing plants and 5 innovation centres that span 17 countries and employ more than 9,000 people. With a strong focus on innovation, Comau is committed to developing the competency of individuals and groups as part of its open automation approach.

Comau is driving the future of production automation by engineering lean and sustainable solutions and products. Its competencies range from joining, assembly and machining to complete, robotized manufacturing systems and asset management services, which includes the application of advanced technologies that are fully connected for real-time monitoring and control. Comau's development of modular, flexible and highly-configurable products that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer allow it to cost-effectively support evolving manufacturing environments.

The company also helps its customers optimise and protect their investments through a full-service offering that includes project management and consultancy, IoT services, maintenance and training for a wide range of industrial segments. In this way, Comau is able to lead the automation industry in every phase of a project - from design, implementation and installation, to production start-up and maintenance services.

Press Office Contacts: Headquarters
Giuseppe Costabile
Corporate Communication Manager
Tel: +39 011 0049670
Tel: +39 338 7130885

Press Office Contacts: Burson-Marsteller
Alessandra Boscolo
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