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Thursday 26 March 2015

ESCP Europe's BSc In Management: Our Teaching Philosophy

ESCP Europe's new BSc in management is unique on the higher-education landscape in the way it combines management science, humanities, liberal arts, and languages.

The programme is also distinctive in its pedagogical approach, combining what has made the success of the oldest management education institution in the world – emphasising applications to the real world – with additional pedagogical tools, which are specific to the undergraduate pedagogy.

Our teaching pedagogy is built upon three pillars:

1) Combining theory and practice

In our programme, we believe that teaching and academic content, even though it can be theoretical, has to be put in perspective with the real world. The majority of our professors have industry experience, which means that classes are supplemented with real-world cases and applications. Our alumni also regularly visit to exchange knowledge with students via guest lectures, and to share their knowledge and passion with the next generation of leaders.

We ensure our students have a strong theoretical background when they graduate from our programmes, but we also make sure that they know how to apply this knowledge, something that is crucial when looking for a job. By bringing material to life in the classroom, our professors train students to embrace a critical perspective, being honest about the limitations of the theories they use. We also encourage our students to learn about research. Learning how research contributes to knowledge creation is one of the best ways to develop as a thinker, and to better integrate new learning. It fosters active learning instead of passive learning.

2) Adopting an interdisciplinary approach

At ESCP Europe, we believe that management science is a subject that requires knowledge of more than one discipline to be understood. Disciplines such as history and international relations, sociology, anthropology or psychology are deeply intertwined and can benefit management. This is why our BSc in Management offers, in addition to core management courses, a unique blend of liberal arts and humanities to equip students with a deeper understanding of management concepts. Teaching students how to use knowledge from other disciplines to make sense of a new one is crucial in developing their intellectual capacity to make sense of a new environment, a skill highly sought after by employers.

3) Learning by doing

Not all knowledge can be learned in books; bringing exercises and simulations into the classroom is therefore essential. For most students, what they learn only comes to life when they start using it. Studying on our BSc in Management means regularly applying knowledge in case studies and group presentations. In addition, BSc students will experience a business simulation game during their third year, allowing them to experience business management and decision-making first hand. Finally, as our students travel to a different country every year, they get an opportunity to experience cultural differences in learning, which reinforces their capacity to adapt to new environments.

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