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Monday 05 February 2018

The IoT Chair provides MiM students with a 120-hour long specialization course

The Internet of things Chair sponsored by Schneider Electric, Société Générale Insurance and Valeo, has designed a IoT specialization course.

IoT Chair ESCP Europe

The Internet of things Chair sponsored by Schneider Electric, Société Générale Insurance and Valeo, has designed a IoT specialization course.

Each year, MiM students choose a specialization course among a wide-ranging portfolio consisting of around 100 courses. There were 21 students attending the IoT one last year, 28 in the 2018 class!

Sandrine Macé, Professor at ESCP Europe and Scientific Director of the IoT Chair, is delighted with the success of this course that aims to familiarize students with the managerial challenges related to the IoT. “The Internet of Things is a new step in the digital revolution and participates in the construction of a new society. A business school such as ESCP Europe has the objective to train students to become future managers of companies dealing with IoT issues”.

It is a 120-hour path which will give students input about information mastering, connected economy, strategic implications, business models of connected objects, ethical and legal issues, innovation, technology, patents and design, and digital marketing in the age of IoT. 

Riccardo Daidone and Gina Renning are part of the IoT Class.

Riccardo considers the IoT specialization is the one that best fits the current changes in the market. 
“ESCP Europe has been able to adapt to market needs in order to offer its students highly employable skills.”
Gina adds: “Everyone is talking about use cases of the Internet of Things, including self-ordering fridges and self-driving cars, and the impact it already has and may have someday on our everyday life. As a MiM student, I am especially interested in the implications of IoT on companies, such as the opportunities and challenges associated with IoT and in what way doing so can change a firm’s relationship with its customers. To me, the IoT specialization appeared to be a great way to openly discuss these questions with other students interested in the topic, guided by professors and teachers with substantial experience in this field.”

So far, Gina and Riccardo took great learning outcomes from the first teaching hours about competitive strategy led by Martin Kupp and Louis-David Benayer, Professors at ESCP Europe: “We have been introduced to the current trends related to data analysis and potential data utilization. This allows us to grasp the basics of businesses that will be further developing in the future.” (Riccardo)
“I gained a deeper understanding of the commonly used term ‘Big Data’ and its key role in the Internet of Things – but also about common misconceptions. Moreover, we had a thought-provoking discussion on the statement ‘Software is eating the world’ by Andreesen, Horowitz and Partners which refers to the fact that information technology is becoming an integral part of formerly often purely mechanical products.” (Gina)

The IoT option is closely linked to the IoT Chair. 
Students participate in the events organized by the chair: testimonials from professionals working for the Chair’s partner companies and in the IoT world, Annual conference day, best thesis prize, company consultancy projects

This year, the 28 students will get the chance to go to China for an IoT study trip… Stay connected!

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