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Here are the key points of the projects participating in the European Innovation Academy 

The program is designed to offer students an experiential learning opportunity that affords deep insight into a real-life start-up.
Students are divided into small international groups of 5 to work on their project. Each team is multidisciplinary and consists of a businessperson, marketer, software developer, designer and engineer. All the teams work with mentors who guide them as they turn their ideas into business start-ups in 3 weeks, by developing a project that they will pitch to investors at the end of the program. This process of first-hand education is a competition in which high-performing teams win seed funding and free legal counsel.

To fully understand what is going on during this Extreme Entrepreneurship Program we asked the 5 ESCP Europe students attending the EIA to describe their projects in a few words.

The name of Eugenio Bertino’s project is “cEYEcle” and is an app for cyclists that, by using a sensor present in all smartphones, can evaluate the condition of the roads by analyzing oscillations caused by defects in the road surface. This app suggests the safest route that a cyclist should take to avoid the more dangerous roads. Safety is the main concern.

The name of Gaia Innocenzi’s project is “FESH”, acronym for Foreign Exchange Student Housing. It is a website that manages to connect exchange students with host families cheaply, quickly and conveniently way.

Davide Vercellone is working on "Fair ticket", a platform  which aims to regulate and reduce the secondary ticketing market for events, mainly concerts of famous artists. The idea is to use a technology such as blockchain and the smart contract to give sales transparency and regulation and let the fans "compete" with each other in buying tickets and not with companies that do this with the only goal of raising prices for speculation purposes. 

The project of Giorgio Bonaldo is called “Get The Fit”. His team wants to create an app that helps people re-sell clothes, thanks to a matching algorithm based on style, age, location and body shape. Using this system it would be easier to sell and buy clothes that you like and you can fit into.

Yavor Spasov  is working on “Shortcut”. With his team he is creating a platform that facilitates Peer to Peer Tutoring. It provides a space for advanced students to post advertisements and find tutees to earn extra money and for students lagging behind to get affordable help in a relaxed environment.

The 5 future start-ups that will be launched by ESCP Europe students seem really promising.

The EIA helps develop critical skills that enable students to evaluate business opportunities, manage risks and learn from their failures. The program provides students with experiences well beyond what they can obtain in the classroom.
Now that the program is almost over, we interviewed our outstanding students about this experience once again.

What did you like most about EIA?

Davide: “I like the fact that I’m learning so many things and understanding more about what’s leads from an idea to a company, and there is a lot! I learned how to face discouragement, to work under pressure and to progress from my mistakes. Furthermore, I’m creating a big network and I have met so many interesting people with whom I hope to keep in touch”.

Yavor: “EIA goes over all the essential parts of starting a company in just 15 days by providing a perfect mix of theory and practical application”.

Giorgio: “I really liked the fact that we have a lot of experts in basically everything, from coding to design”.

Do you have any advice for people attending EIA in the future?

Eugenio: “I would advise everybody who will be attending the EIA programme to be open-minded and creative! EIA is a huge opportunity to create something that nobody has seen before and more importantly, thanks to this course you can really understand what you want to do in the future thanks to the thousands of experiences you will have”.

Gaia: “I'd definitely tell them that they have a great opportunity before them! Every year, EIA gives students from all over the world the opportunity to unite and provides a profitable solution for a global problem. Come humble, come eager to learn and be ready to have a great experience”.

The European Innovation Academy ends on Friday, July 27th, with the EIA Grand Pitching with the announcement of the Top 10 EIA Turin 2018  winners. The best ideas developed during the European Innovation Academy will be financed and supported when launched on the market.
Good luck to our students!