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Meet the winners: Angelica Cesarini, Lina Prencipe and Francesca Roggero Fossati

The business simulation, organized on the Turin campus, was really challenging but all the participants were highly motivated.

The session was held by Professor Fabrizio Zerbini, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Isabella Maggioni, Assistant Professor of Marketing.

The contest was designed to test the students' logical, strategic and decision-making acumen. They had the opportunity to work individually and then in three groups. At the end each group presented its work to a jury. The students had the opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of the various approaches and solutions that they proposed during the simulation with Professor Zerbini.

This contest was extremely informative for the young participants, aged between 17 and 19, and was something completely different from what they experienced in high school. It was not easy for them to face this business simulation because it required great effort and determination.
The BSc in Management - Scholarship Contest was a great opportunity to bring together students with different backgrounds from all over Italy.

All of them were enthusiastic to have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship by taking part in the competition. Most of them were very motivated to achieve this goal.
Participants were really committed to doing their best during the contest so the jury really couldn’t choose one winner. They decided to award three people: Angelica Cesarini, Lina Prencipe and Francesca Roggero Fossati. All three winners received a 25% scholarship for their first year at ESCP Europe. An honorable mention was given to Marco Rivoira for his brilliant approach to the business case.
Immediately after the award ceremony, the winners gave us their statements and told us about their impressions on this challenge:

Lina Prencipe: "This contest was highly educational: it was a formative and fun experience, especially the business simulation in which we had to manage a real business case. It was really useful in understanding the ESCP Europe methodology and find out more about the approach to the management world".

Angelica Cesarini: "It was a wonderful experience. This contest allowed us to approach the business world and get a clear vision of future applications of our skills as managers. For me this scholarship is not just an economic support, it also boosts my motivation".

Francesca Roggero Fossati: "This contest was a great opportunity. I was delighted to meet teachers and experience their educational and human approach. I was happy to be able to immediately embrace the ESCP Europe mindset. I'm really looking forward to starting my studies on the London Campus".

Congratulations to the winners on their achievement. This is just the beginning of an outstanding career path.