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During the 10-month MBA in International Management at ESCP, students complete two Company Consultancy Projects (CCPs) over 2 countries.  The CCPs give students the opportunity to put into practice the concepts acquired in the classroom while working on real consulting projects with real companies.

At the beginning of the semester students elect a consultancy project to work on with a company of their choice. The students then spend 4 months working in groups of 5-6 students from diverse nationalities as well as professional and educational backgrounds to produce a final presentation to offer their recommendations to the companies they work with.

“Great to work with young professionals. They brought us their external vision which enriched our reflection. Great to have brilliant MBA Students thinking out of the box” Stéphanie Hospital, Founder and CEO, One Rag Time

This year the students at the Paris campus were able to pick between companies such as One Ragtime, Eurogroup consulting, Hello Tomorrow, RCI Bank and Services, Haselmeier, L’Oréal, Spora Steria , Orange, Valéo. The diversity in companies give students the ability to choose an industry that is aligned with their professional goals and work on in-depth, diverse strategic topics such as; CRM, Urban Mobility, Investment for Startups, IOT, Energy and the Biotech Startup Ecosystem.

Guided by their CCP tutor, the students are able to fully immerse themselves in a specific field and industry as well as grow their international work experience. The CCPs are a great way for the MBA students to discover new job possibilities in the market and have a first-hand experience in working with companies and professionals within specific industries.

“Having people not knowing our industry was very interesting: new eyes, fresh recommendation, and a new way of seeing things.” Camille Vincent, Product marketing Analyst, Valeo


As the two CCPs are completed over 2 countries, students also get to opportunity to develop their understanding of how cultural differences impact working with companies, an invaluable experience before they 

“I thank the students for their great job: very good analysis, complete study, impactful presentation. ESCP MBA students are already experts and great professionals.” Bertand de la Villéon, Partner, Eurogroup

Students at the Paris campus have just finished presenting their first Company Consulting Projects with fantastic results from the ESCP CCP partner companies, proving this to be a truly valuable experience in their professional development. We look forward to your results in your next project in London, Turin and Berlin! 

Here more from our partner companies….

“Gold work ! Great thanks for the continuation on this strategic issue on Mobility for our company" Martin ONFRAY, Senior Project Manager at MARCEL

“Very satisfied with your achievement. Without you we could not make it" Arnaud de la Tour, CEO HELLO TOMORROW

“I enjoyed working with the students. Their different backgrounds, nationalities, cultural approaches brought a huge creativity and efficiency. The internal dynamic was nice" Nicolas Goeldel, Deeptech lead. A big thank you  to Sarah Pedrozza, MEB ESCP 2013, Co-Managing Director, for making this partnership possible

“Surprised today by the excellencyof the MBA students work. More than students we worked with brilliant multicultural professionals. We will publish your work on “The Smart Energy Revolution” in a “ Livre Blanc” (white paper). This was the first time we collaborate on a CCP with MBA and this is just the beginning." Alexandre Buselli, Senior Manager, SOPRA STERIA Consulting