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Peter Quick (or “PDQ” as he was often known) was an Associate Professor of Strategy and Marketing at ESCP Europe. He held Bachelor and Master degrees from Oxford University and an MBA from Cranfield. He joined ESCP Europe back in 1987 when the School was based in Oxford and, with a period of absence, remained with ESCP Europe in London until his retirement in August 2015. 

Prior to teaching, Peter began his career with what is now Deutsche Post as a Graduate Management Trainee. Before his MBA, he was Managing Director of Saunders Transport, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post engaged in environmental services.

Peter played a key role in the development of the Master in European Business programme, which was the precursor to the School’s full-time MBA in International Management.

During his time with ESCP Europe, Peter taught Strategy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Research Methods; mainly in Oxford and London, but also at the Paris and Madrid campuses, and for a variety of the School’s programmes. He was also involved in international Executive Education with a number of the School’s clients.  He held various positions, including International Coordinator for the European Research Project and UK Director of Studies for the Master in European Business.

His most recent research was focused on the successful internationalisation of smaller companies, management ethics and social and ecological entrepreneurship.

Peter will be greatly missed by the ESCP Europe community and our heartfelt condolences and sympathy are extended to his family at this time.

His widow Alison has extended an invitation to anyone wishing to attend the funeral. It will take place on Tuesday, 30th October at 10.30am. Please contact Kasia Wolenska for details on how to attend.

She has asked to mention that Peter would not have wanted people to dress too sombrely: he would have especially enjoyed seeing splashes of red amongst the mourners!  


ESCP Europe colleagues remember Peter:

I worked with Peter for many years, both when the school was in Oxford and in London. He was a wonderfully witty, challenging and perceptive colleague, with a strong and quick (no pun intended) humour. He always had a keen interest in history and the origins of business, combined with an anticipation of future trends and changing business models. He was an inspirational teacher, with abounding curiosity in many different fields, including a voracious appetite for management literature. Finally, I remember him as a devoted family man, both proudly English (St Paul’s School in London and Oxford University) and proudly European (ESCP Europe + sending his children to the Europa School in Oxfordshire, quite visionary at the time). Sadly, his encroaching illness led him to retire early from the school – he will be greatly missed both by many of us former colleagues and by his students who remember him fondly.’ Prof. Chris Halliburton, Professor of Marketing and former UK Director

‘Peter was an incredibly smart and dedicated teacher, truly in love with his job. He had a huge impact on me as my professor of marketing and thesis supervisor, and later my colleague in the faculty. I am deeply saddened by his passing.’ Prof. Davide Sola, Professor of Management, former UK Director and a former student of Peter Quick

‘Many of us were Peter's colleagues and remember him fondly.  We are all aware of the important role he played in the development of our UK campus (first in Oxford, then in London), and we are grateful for his huge contribution to our School, particularly to our UK campus.’ Prof. Marie Taillard, L’Oréal Professor of Creativity Marketing

 ‘For those who didn’t know Peter he was a brilliant teacher. He was incisive and energetic and a high point for many students who passed through London. His legacy is felt through the programmes he helped to shape and deliver.’ Prof. Anthony Evans, Professor of Economics

‘Peter was a most enjoyable colleague to engage and debate with, and he was a most able teacher. I always knew when he was in the classroom the students would be inspired by his ability to engage with them in a witty and very informative way. So many students over so many years will remember him with much affection, for a long time.’ Dr. Gordon Wright, former UK Director of Studies 

'Peter was a Rubik's Cube of creativity in the classroom, and even the dullest lecture material with a twist and a turn he could immediately capture the minds of so many students. ESCP Europe has lost one of the best.’ Chris Madge, former Visiting Lecturer of Marketing and a friend