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Three doctoral students from the school have been granted various prizes for their research work.

Antoine Souchaud, whose research has given rise to several publications, received the solemn thesis prize from the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris, for his work about the regulation of crowdlending written under the direction of Professor Christophe Moussu. He will receive his prize at the Sorbonne on 3 December.

Anna Souakri and her supervisor, Professor Régis Coeurderoy, were granted the National Federation for Independent Business (NFIB) Award for Excellence in Research on a General Topic in Entrepreneurship for their paper entitled “Does Entrepreneurial Experience Really Matter in Venture Capitalists' Screening Decisions? Preferences and Similarity-attraction in the VC-lead Entrepreneur Dyad.” She presented it in June at the BCERC (Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference), which is considered as one of the most prestigious research conferences in entrepreneurship, and will receive her best paper award at next year’s edition.

Kevin Flamme received the thesis award from the ARIHME (Association pour la Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur le Management des Entreprises) for his doctoral work entitled “A critico-clinical approach of emancipation processes: a professional male model auto-ethnography”, written under the supervision of Professor Gilles Arnaud. He will present a summary and receive his prize on 29 November at the ARIMHE’s annual conference.