Relevant COVID-19 and public health updates for incoming students starting on Berlin Campus in autumn 2020

ESCP Berlin Campus is monitoring the latest public health developments, advice, and recommendations regarding COVID-19 in Germany. At the moment, we would like to reassure students that the ESCP Berlin team is striving to provide the best experience for the upcoming term starting in September 2020 while taking into account the health and safety of the ESCP community. We have taken the current situation to rethink and to develop further our teaching practices, and to come up with a set of pedagogical innovations to guarantee the highest quality for every likely study scenario this autumn. 

Due to the public health situation in Germany, all classes and programmes are currently being held online. In autumn we will most likely pursue a hybrid approach with classes taking place on campus as well as online, adapted to the respective courses and programme objectives. ESCP Berlin Campus will also provide spaces on campus to be used for networking and socialising in compliance with the hygienic and safety regulations of the Berlin Senate. We are committed to acting swiftly to any developments, and keeping the community updated on how studies will be organised in the upcoming semesters. 

For the latest information relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please see the following regularly-updated websites: