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Open Programme
Women in Leadership
The personal development programme for leading women

Why a leadership programme exclusively for women?

The programme focuses on building leadership presence and impact and on enhancing networking, communication and negotiation skills. Although these competences are independent of gender and other ascriptive characteristics, this seminar is exclusively for women, as it allows the participants to reflect on unique challenges women encounter in a work environment with mainly male counterparts.

Benefits for participants


Unfold your personal, authentic leadership style


Understand how to leverage the dynamics of power and influence


Improve your communication and negotiation skills


Enhance your leadership presence and your impact as a leader


Create your personal action plan together with a top executive coach


Benefit from your peers’ advice and the relationships you build during and beyond the programme


Get an internationally recognised certificate


Become part of the exclusive ESCP Europe Network, connect with like-minded women in our Executive Women’s Network and benefit from our partnership with PANDA “the women leadership contest & network”

Benefits for organisations

  • Participants acquire skills, tools and methods which will make them more effective
  • Leverage the power of diversity in your organisation: studies show that diverse leadership teams are more successful
  • Benefit from positive effects on diversity, talent development, and talent retention by including the seminar in your diversity and executive development programme
  • ESCP Europe (Number 1 in the Financial Times Ranking for Customised Education in Germany) also offers the seminar as a customised programme, tailored to the specific context of your organisation

For more details please download our brochure

Learn what Marion Festing, Véronique Tran and Katharina Balasz

Want to have a first impression of the seminar? Check out our videos about leadership presence and about impact as a leader and meet Marion Festing & Véronique Tran, teaching in the Women in Leadership Programme.

ESCP Europe Berlin | Leadership: Using Power and Influence
How can you enhance your impact as a leader?

"Power is 20 % given and 80 % taken, so you have to take the power". That´s the spontaneous answer of Katharina Balazs, Associate Professor of Management at ESCP Europe.

"It’s also crucial to understand the dynamics of power and influence" adds Marion Festing, Professor of HRM and Intercultural Leadership at ESCP Europe Berlin.

We asked both, what they think about the power of leadership. Check out their full statements.

Marion Festing and Katharina Balazs teach in the 4-day Women in Leadership Programme.

ESCP Europe Berlin | Leadership: Executive presence
Why are some people successful leaders and others not?

One important reason is leadership presence: It´s about how others perceive you as a leader; it includes verbal skills, body language but also the ability to demonstrate credibility, confidence and composure.

Check out what Marion Festing, Professor of HRM & Intercultural Leadership and Veronique Tran, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at ESCP Europe say about leadership presence.


Female leaders, project managers and entrepreneurs with a minimum of five years of working experience

Fees - €3,950


Learn more about Katharina BalazsVéronique TranHeidi Stopper and Marion Festing, teaching at the Women in Leadership programme.

Want to have a first impression of the seminar?