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Dr Christoph Seckler is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurial Strategy at ESCP Europe in Berlin. More information on the Chair of Entrepreneurial Strategy can also be found here: https://www.escpeurope.eu/berlin/berlin-academic-chairs/chair-entrepreneurial-strategy.

Christoph believes that entrepreneurship can be a force for good in society; one idea at a time. For him, entrepreneurship goes beyond starting a startup. It means to develop novel solutions for people’s needs. This can be anything from a novel search algorithm to make the world’s information universally accessible (Google) to a novel microcredit service to fight poverty (Grameen Bank). He aims at fostering entrepreneurship through his research, teaching, as well as through design science research (DSR) projects. 

In his research, he is interested in understanding the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems, and learning from failure. Previous research on these topics has been published in leading international journals such journals as Journal of Management Studies, Accounting, Organizations and Society,  and Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. His research has received multiple international  awards at the Academy of Management Conference (AoM), and the European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM). In a current large scale research project, he explores the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems in major Europe cities (e.g., Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, etc.). 

In his teaching, Christoph's ambition is to empower people to make a difference. He believes that this requires an educational approach which goes beyond the sharing of knowledge. His ambition is to help people to develop in their "thinking," "doing," and "being." His teaching has a strong emphasis on action and interaction in the classroom by drawing on teaching approaches such as the Lean Startup Approach, Live Case Teaching, or Flipped Classroom. He teaches courses at the intersection of entrepreneurship and strategy (e.g., StartupSchool, U-School, SEIP - Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program). 

Through Design Science Research (DSR), Christoph believes, scholars can contribute to designing a more desirable future. Design Science Research is rooted in the works of Herbert Simon (e.g., “Sciences of the Artificial”), and aims at solving real world problems by drawing on the best available scientific knowledge. Christoph draws on the DSR approach to tackle real world problems in the broader entrepreneurship domain. This includes tackling relevant questions for firms (such as "how to develop a culture that supports the learning from errors and mistakes"), as well as for regulators (e.g., "how to create conditions for an entrepreneurial ecosystem to flourish"). In case you are interested in co-operating on such projects, please reach out to him.


Research Methods


HABERSANG, S., KUEBERLING-JOST, J., REIHLEN, M. and C. SECKLER* (2019), A Process Perspective on Organizational Failure: A Qualitative Meta-analysis, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, 56(1), 19-56, * corresponding author. Authors contributed equally and are listed in alphabetical order.
SECKLER, C., GRONEWOLD, U. and M. REIHLEN (2017), An error management perspective on audit quality: Toward a multi-level model, ACCOUNTING, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY, 62, 21-42.
REIHLEN, M., SECKLER, C. and A. WERR (2017), Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda for the Professional Service Field, ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT PROCEEDINGS.

Conference Proceedings

REIHLEN, M., WERR, A. and C. SECKLER (2018), Entrepreneurship and Professional Service Firms, in: Mike Saks and Daniel Muzio, Professions and Professional Service Firms: Private and Public Sector Enterprises in the Global Economy, Routledge, 110-133.
SECKLER, C., FUNKEN, R. and M. GIELNIK (2017), Learning from Entrepreneurial Failure, in: J. Ellingson and R. A. Noe, Autonomous learning in the workplace, SIOP Organizational Frontiers book series.

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