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Zsuzsanna Vargha is Associate Professor in the Management Control Department at ESCP Europe, Paris campus. Prior to joining ESCP in October 2018, Zsuzsanna held positions in the UK as associate professor of accounting and organization at the University of Leicester Business School, and as LSE Fellow in accounting at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Zsuzsanna received her PhD in Sociology from Columbia University, and has an MSc in Economics (Actuarial Science specialization) from Budapest Corvinus University in Hungary. After her PhD, she was Postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne, Germany, and more recently she was Visiting Scholar at the MIT Science and Technology Studies Program. 

Zsuzsanna Vargha’s research is interdisciplinary, bringing together accounting and finance, organization studies and economic sociology. Her interests have centered on questions of performance and valuation at the boundaries of organizations and markets, specializing in financial services and the digital economy. Zsuzsanna has worked on topics such as the strategic design, conduct and control of banking interactions, queue management, professional tensions in advertising, financial expectations and crisis in post-socialist economies, digital health and individual incentivization, the increasing personalization of the economy, and the digital transformation of professional services firms. Zsuzsanna’s research has been supported by grants from the Hungarian National Scientific Fund, Wellcome Trust, and the Leverhulme Trust.

Financial Reporting and Audit (FRA)
Management control
Custumer Relation Management (CRM)


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PELLANDINI-SIMÁNYI, L. and Z. VARGHA (2019), Legal infrastructures: How laws matter in the organization of new markets, ORGANIZATION STUDIES, in press.

Conference Proceedings

VARGHA, Z. (2016), Conversation stoppers: Constructing consumer Attitudes To Risk in UK wealth management, in: Michael Power, Riskwork: Essays on the Everyday Life of Risk Management, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 172-192.
VARGHA, Z. (2014), Clocks, Clerks, Customers: queue management systems, post-socialist sensibilities and performance measurement at a retail bank, in: Francois-Xavier de Vaujany, Nathalie Mitev, Pierre Laniray, Emmanuelle Vaast, Materiality and Time: Historical Perspectives on Organizations, Artefacts, and Practices, London, Palgrave Macmillan.
VARGHA, Z. (2013), Realizing dreams, proving thrift: how product demonstrations qualify financial objects and subjects, in: Jens Beckert and Christine Musselin, Constructing Quality: The Classification of Goods in Markets, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 31-57.
VARGHA, Z. (2019), Consumer Transactions: Consumer Banking, in: Frederick Wherry and Ian Woodward, Oxford Handbook of Consumption, New York, Oxford University Press.

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