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Faculty member

Noreen O'SHEA
PhD in Philosophy

Associate Professor
Campus : Paris


Noreen O'Shea is an associate professor in the department of Management at ESCP Europe. She graduated from University College Dublin with a Bachelor degree in English and History and followed this with the Higher Diploma in Education, granted by the National University of Ireland. She moved to Paris and began her career in executive training, focusing on communication and negotiation strategies in large and small firms in both English and French. During this time, she developed a keen interest both in how company directors formulate and implement their strategies as well as how they manage their teams. This led her to pursue a Master's degree in Executive Training & Consultancy, obtained from ESCP Europe, which she followed up with a second master's degree in Enterprise Policy in Europe at the University of Paris, la Sorbonne. She continued her career working as a project manager for the design, implementation and evaluation of European-funded training programmes for managers of small firms, with a particular focus on networking and strategic information systems. Her growing interest in strategy development within small firms and the necessity to understand both employee and employers' learning processes, encouraged her to pursue a PhD which she obtained at the University of Sussex in the field of Educational Studies. She began her teaching and research career at Advancia, a paris Chamber of Commerce business school dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship and joined the ESCP Europe faculty in September 2017.


Her research interests are guided by 3 themes in the field of small business and entrepreneurship and which all question novice entrepreneurs and managers - who they are (identity), how they progress (learning processes and how they act (organizational forms).


She is currently a member of two research groups with on-going projects related to these themes. The first groups together researchers from ESCP-Europe, HEI-Yncrea and Université Catholique, Louvain-la-neuve and is currently exploring the types of leadership configurations exhibited by engineering and innovation students working on self-managed projects. The second is a small international group called Juniper, which explores the cooperative structure as an emerging, alternative organizational entity.