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International Strategy and Structure Module
Programme court
Durée : 1.5 day - 12 hours
Langue : Anglais
Campus : Berlin
Dates : 6th - 7th September 2018

Eva Czech
Manager EMBA/GMP/Open Programmes

Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-226
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 3 20 07-107


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If you want to expand internationally, this module is a “must have“. Taught by one of the leading experts in the field, the module is both conceptually insightful and practically helpful.

Before and when going international, one of the major questions is whether the competitive advantage found in the home country can be transferred to other markets. Companies have to develop an appropriate strategy for their business abroad. Which countries are the best choices? What alternatives exist to help enter into foreign markets? When is the right moment to go abroad? Will products and services be offered identically or in a differentiated way? The International Strategy module provides you with an exhaustive framework to answer questions of the highest relevance in today’s globalised world. You will gain profound knowledge and receive input in the form of checklists and tools, helping you to better make and/or understand decisions relating to internationalisation.




Professionals and Executives

Frais & financement

1.650 € for the Module

International Business Programme (IBP)

This module is part of our International Business Programme (IBP). It can be taken separately or joined with other modules.


Points clés

›› Various options for being an international firm

›› Objectives of the international firm

›› The strategy of the international firm – an overview

›› Strategic analysis in an international firm

›› Market entry strategies for international firms

›› Target market strategies for international firms

›› Timing strategies for international firms

›› Allocation strategies for international firms

›› Coordination strategies for international firms

›› Towards a modern perspective for international firms


This module:

›› Extends and deepens your knowledge on strategyby focusing on the international dimension

›› Provides you with practical and applicable keyframeworks and concepts in international strategy

›› Shows you that international strategy is multifaceted

›› Helps you to make and understand internationalisationdecisions

›› Gives you many examples of firms from differentindustries and countries

Points clés

"I highly appreciated Professor Schmid‘s passion for the topic and his ability to transmit his knowledgeand experiences to the class."

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