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Faculty & Research at ESCP Europe


Valérie Moatti - Dean of Faculty - ESCP Europe

Valérie MOATTI

Dean of Faculty

Knowledge creation and transmission are in the hands of the school’s over 140 full-time faculty members working across the 6 campuses.

Each faculty member belongs to a teaching department and one or more research centres. The same faculty teams develop the curriculum and deliver the courses across all the programmes of the school, from degree programmes to executive programmes.

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All faculty members hold a doctorate or equivalent degree, most in management science, others in economics, law or the social and human sciences. The activities of our faculty members reach across three domains: teaching, research and academic programme leadership (i.e. academic responsibility for one or several teaching programmes). Moreover, each faculty member has one day per week for consulting activities, either for business firms or other private or public organisations requiring their services.

In addition to these full-time faculty members, there are three further types of teachers working at ESCP Europe. There are 90 affiliate faculty members who contribute their expertise to the teaching programmes, either lecturing in the classroom or assuming responsibility for an entire course in their given field of expertise. These are primarily university professors or working professionals who dedicate a considerable portion of their time to teaching.

Likewise, each year ESCP Europe hosts a number of visiting faculty from universities around the world. Visiting faculty either spend a sabbatical period in one of our research centres or deliver lectures on occasion in the context of existing partnership agreements.

Third and last, over 800 working professionals, with long experience and strong expertise in their fields, contribute to ESCP Europe taught programmes as adjunct faculty members. Their contributions cover all aspects of business and business organizations, including the different professions and sectors.

The Dean of Faculty oversees faculty development and represents its members within the business school.

Valérie Moatti
Dean of Faculty

Pramuan BUNKANWANICHA - Associate Dean for Research - ESCP Europe


Associate Dean for Research

ESCP Europe has a research strategy of scientific excellence and of knowledge transfer.

Our faculty’s research not only gives rise to publications in the most prestigious international and national scientific journals but also contributes to nourishing, via reference works or "transfer" publications, both the professional community (companies, public authorities, professional associations, etc.) and the teaching content of all programmes in order to provide our students with the latest knowledge and insights.

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The research at ESCP Europe can be classified along three main axes: the classical axis of creating models explaining managerial practices or behaviours, a phenomenological axis aiming at a clearer understanding of the practices and beliefs of the business world, and a societal axis seeking to guide public policy and to offer a critical view of the professions and disciplines of management and economic sciences.

Headed by the Associate Dean of Research and the European Research Committee, research at ESCP Europe is increasingly conducted through our various Research Centres, Laboratories, Chairs and Institutes. A "capacitating" policy helping faculty members to pursue their research and achieve their publication objectives is applied. Internal democratic and scientific evaluation processes help to support the best research projects within the three axes explained above.

Research covers fields such as classical business functions: finance, marketing, and strategy but also business history, energy management, entrepreneurship, health management, public management, responsible management, or the epistemology and critical analysis of the business world. A particular interest is put on intercultural research topics.

ESCP Europe strongly encourages cross-campus research where teams of professors in our different locations work together on research topics. Faculty’s research is also powered by our PhD students on our Berlin and Paris Campus. We also increasingly support transversal research conducted with other disciplines than management.

Pramuan Bunkanwanicha
Associate Dean for Research

Our faculty members