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Master in Management
The springboard to an international career for postgraduates


A world-class academic qualification

In today’s fast-changing business environment, there are increasing demands for business leaders who are international, digital, and effective. The Master in Management is designed to develop the skills needed to analyse complex strategic and operational management issues within a global context.

This two-year, full-time general management Master programme provides the opportunity to study in up to four countries, with options ranging from ESCP Europe's own six European campuses to our more than 100 partners worldwide.

Placed 5th worldwide in the 2018 Financial Times Master in Management rankings

Practical experience is an essential asset

Master in Management graduates leave with a minimum of 40 weeks of professional experience. This ensures that you leave the programme with the invaluable intercultural practical experience top recruiters are looking for.

In addition to the study-internship structure, we also offer the possibility of following an apprenticeship study track, allowing for systematic structured periods at the School whilst also working in a firm for an extended learning experience.


  • Strengthen your ability to live and work in a highly multicultural and international environment
  • Develop a strong foundation in all functional areas of business
  • Develop advanced skills in critical analysis, communication, and innovation
  • Create your career plan through specialisations and in-company experience

Degree Awards

Degrees from ESCP Europe campus countries

The integrated programme curriculum offers the possibility to obtain up to four national degrees in ESCP Europe campus countries.

  • German Master of Science
  • UK European MSc in Management
  • Spanish Master Dirección de Empresas
  • French Master Grande Ecole*
  • Italian Laurea Magistrale (for pre-master students from the Turin campus only)
  • Polish Master of Science

*All students receive the French degree recognised by the French Ministry [1]. Specific conditions apply in order to obtain further national degrees upon graduation.

Degrees from Partner Universities

Students who wish to obtain a double degree from one of our global partner universities usually spend their second Master year abroad. Business degrees obtained from partner universities range from general management programmes (MSc in Management, MBA etc) to specialised degrees (International Labor Relations, Master in Finance, etc).

Degrees in additional disciplines (Engineering, Law, Mathematics, etc) are also available from the following partners:
  • École Centrale de Paris, École Normale Supérieure Lyon, ENSAE Malakoff, Politecnico di Torino, Prép’ENA Paris 1-ENS ULM, Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Université Paris-Sud Sceaux, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris
Of the 900 graduates in our most recent class...
  • 44% earned a dual degree
  • 24% earned a triple degree.

[1] ESCP Europe declares that the diploma obtained on completion of the Master in Management is recognized in France by the French Ministry of Education and Research (B.O. nº3 - 24 July 2014).

Head of the Department for Construction, Energy and Environment – German Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai


Nadine ULRICH (Germany)
Head of the Department for Construction, Energy and Environment
German Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai
Class of 2007

"I followed the Master in Management Programme on the Paris, London and Berlin campuses. Initially, I wanted a double degree between Germany and France, but when I found out there was such a thing as a triple degree, I went for it. So as I had to move from one country to another, I had to find an internship in every country to validate the double degrees everywhere.
I had a gap year before my last year at ESCP Europe, which I spent in Beijing working at the German Centre. After my final semester in Berlin, I went back to Beijing right away to start my career.

Key Features

  • Ranked 5th worldwide by the Financial Times
  • A two-year, full-time general management programme with specialisations
  • An integrated intercultural programme curriculum:
    • Taught across the 6 ESCP Europe campuses
    • Exchange and double-degree offerings with 120 partner universities worldwide
    • Five seminars, including Start@Europe, held at the European Parliament
  • A springboard to a high-level professional career
    • Excellent employment rates at 98% employed within 3 months of graduation
    • At least two integrated internships/work placements
    • The option of gap years and apprenticeships for workplace experience
Chen Chu, Biotherm Marketing Development, L’Oréal


Chen CHU (China)
Biotherm Marketing Development
Class of 2016

"Why did I choose the ESCP Europe Master in Management? There are not only European students and Chinese students here, but there are also students from many countries around the world.  Another factor for me is that the ESCP Europe campuses are in the downtown areas of the five cities, which means that I can take advantage of the environment and culture as well."

Christian Charles Nkana, Financial Services Consultant and Founder, Pedagogia Yaounde


Christian Charles NKANA (Cameroon)
Financial Services Consultant, EY
and Founder, Pedagogia Yaounde
Class of 2015

"ESCP Europe was for me the unique opportunity to learn in an international context and a changing world. Having learned the theory, then putting it into practice with the Entrepreneurship chair’s “Startup Checkup”, I was well-equipped to start a career in finance consulting. I also created Pedagogia, a startup that provides guidance counseling to students in Central Africa."

Pre-Master Year - ESCP Europe

On to the Master
The Pre-Master Year

If you have completed a French Classe Préparatoire or at least two years of university education (120 ECTS), you may apply to join the Pre-Master year.
Students who successfully complete the Pre-Master Year automatically join the Master in Management programme, without having to go through any further admission procedures.


Master in Management
Experiential Learning

The Master in Management programme consists of four semesters with a total of 120 ECTS credits. These semesters can be completed at our European campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw) or at one of our over 100 partner universities worldwide.
In order to help you achieve your career aspirations, ESCP Europe have created a flexible study track. This allows you to structure the programme over two to four years, with the possibility of taking gap years.


First Year (overview)

Academic courses

  • Core courses of intercultural management

Second Year (overview)

Academic courses

  • Specialisation: one or two semester-long options
  • Electives: create your own semester

Gap Years

Gain extended working experience in addition to the compulsory professional internships.

You can decide to take a gap year before your final study year in order to gain in-depth professional experience. These additional work placements can take place in multiple companies anywhere in the world. This often helps to fine-tune career objectives and to decide which specialisation and electives you wish to pursue in your final year.

If you take this option, the Master in Management can take up to four years to complete (with a minimum of two years of studies and a maximum of two gap years).


Academic Courses

Innovative teaching – based on case studies, lectures, group projects and instruction by executives from ESCP Europe’s corporate partners - ensures the link between in-class theory and the reality of the business world.

First Year: Core Courses

  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics II
  • European Business Law and Taxation
  • Financial Reporting IFRS
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Marketing Decisions
  • Management Control
  • Operations Management
  • Organisation and Management
  • Strategy
Prerequisite “Catch-up” courses

To bring non-management students up to speed, we offer the following “Catch-up” courses that start before the fall term, and continue on during the first semester of studies.

  • Accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Statistics
  • Information tools and skills (Excel)
  • Business law
  • Marketing
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Economics
  • Finance

Second Year: Specialisations & Electives

During the second master year, you choose one or two mandatory specialisations. You can choose too any electives.  You benefit from the possibility of building a personalised academic track.  You can create an educational management foundation and career enhancing experience.
Important: different courses are available at each campus and are taught in a specific language, so this can shape the decision of study locations (see “Which location is right for you”).

Berlin campus
  • Entrepreneurship: Technology and digital economy [ENG]
  • Finance, accounting and management control [ENG]
  • International business 1 [ENG]
  • International business 2 [DE]
  • Selling to customers [ENG]
  • Sustainability [DE]
London campus
  • Banking and Finance [ENG] NEW
  • Business consulting [ENG]
  • Creativity marketing management [ENG]
  • Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and innovation [ENG]
Madrid campus
  • Business project management 1 [ENG]
  • Business project management 2 [ENG]
  • Communication and new media [ENG]
  • Entrepreneurship: Social entrepreneurship [ENG]
  • Marketing and digital strategy [ENG]
Paris campus
  • Consulting dynamics and practices [ENG]
  • Droit et finance [FR]
  • Économie [FR]
  • Entrepreneuriat [FR]
  • Finance [ENG]
  • Finance d'entreprise (two semesters) [FR]
  • Finance de marché [FR]
  • Go to market [ENG]
  • Information financière et audit (IFA) [FR]
  • Innovation à l'ère numérique [FR]
  • International business development [ENG]
  • Internet of things [ENG]
  • Management Control [ENG]
  • Management des industries culturelles et médiatiques [FR]
  • Marketing manager [ENG]
  • Re-think: Social innovation, alternative business models and sustainability [ENG]
  • RH: Leadership and management des talents [FR]
  • Sport et management [FR] NEW
  • Stratégie et conseil [FR]
Warsaw campus
  • Finance and Accounting [ENG]  
  • Strategic Management [ENG]  

We offer a portfolio of more than 140 elective modules in 15- and 30-hour  formats.

Some examples of the many electives available:

  • Breaking the Code of True Leadership: I. Getz
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Strategies: A. Acquier
  • Design Thinking in Management and Entrepreneurship: J. Fendt
  • Emerging Markets Finance: P. Bunkanwanicha
  • Foundations of Indian Business Culture: A. Kanniganti & N. Prime
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: From Project to Business Plan: G. Graef
  • International Business and Human Rights: D. Chekroun
  • International Human Resource Management: M. Muratbekova-Touron
  • Investment Banking & Financial Engineering: M. Troege
  • New Public Management and Sector Performance: P. Zarlowski
  • Performance Management: F. Giraud
  • Social Media and Viral Marketing: A. Kaplan
  • The European Model: The European Integration Process - Unity & Diversity: O. Delbard
Julian Wächter, Co-Founder, Livebird


Julian WÄCHTER (Germany)
Co-Founder, Livebird
Class of 2017


"The Option E Entrepreneurship in Madrid allowed me to focus on working out my startup idea, together with a group of highly motivated students. My experience in the MiM gave me the confidence to know that I can develop business everywhere in Europe: although only 3 months old, we have already landed clients in Spain, France and Germany."


Thematic Seminars

All students will participate in five thematic seminars. These are key elements in the Master in Management programme, with all current students coming together to benefit from the internationality of both the courses and their fellow participants.


Start@Europe 2017 - ESCP Europe

To immerse our students in the School’s European dimension, all first-year Master in Management students experience a three-day seminar at the European Parliament. During this seminar, students attend conferences given by experts on the issues surrounding the economic, institutional and cultural aspects of European policymaking. The students also take part in a negotiation role-play to increase their insight.

Business Game

This hands-on, 3-day seminar allows students to experience a computer-based business simulation that allows them to develop, implement and manage international business strategies of a simulated company.

Kick-start your career

Studies are only as good as the opportunities they open up. This is why ESCP Europe has created a seminar dedicated to professional development. Lectures and workshops address key topics such as professional project development, personal branding, creating dynamic CV and cover letters, interview training and networking.

Research Methods

Required for the Master in Management degree, students learn the essential stages of writing a thesis.

Living in a transformational world

The final seminar in the 2-year Master in Management programme gives students the opportunity to compete against each other to develop innovative sustainable solutions to real challenges put forth by social entrepreneurs across Europe.

Jérôme Feys, Founder and CEO, Vescape GmbH


Jérôme FEYS (France)
Founder and CEO, Vescape GmbH
Class of 2008


"ESCP Europe allowed me the wonderful opportunity to study in Berlin where I decided to stay and create my own company.  All the courses I took, the case studies I had to work on and the conferences I attended at ESCP Europe gave me a breadth of knowledge that is now second nature, but without which I would feel lost in the business world.  To have an understanding of all business aspects like marketing, strategy, finance and law is essential for creating your own company.
I have recently had the honour of being named Director of the Berlin campus' Blue Factory, the ESCP Europe incubator which helps entrepreneurs to start their own companies in Germany.


Internships and Apprenticeship Track

Students can experience varied managerial disciplines through multiple internships and/or through the apprenticeship track, before coming back to ESCP Europe to deepen their knowledge base or amend their career plan by specialising in different departments. Throughout the MIM, students progressively shape and define their career goals and achievements so as to be focused when entering the job market.


10 months of internships, which may be carried out anywere in the world, are an integral part of the Master in Management experience.


The apprenticeship track combines in-company work experience with academic coursework at ESCP Europe.



Study seamlessly around the world.

ESCP Europe is one School with six campuses and over 100 international partners with whom you can opt to study. This distinctive model embodies the heart of our European identity. ESCP Europe contributes actively to the development of a European management culture and allows the School to offer a unique type of cross-cultural business education.

Raphaël COULHON, Deputy Treasurer, La République en Marche


Raphaël COULHON (France)
Deputy Treasurer, La République en Marche
Class of 2015


"Students from French preparatory classes, like me, begin their studies in Paris or Turin before leaving to study on the other European campuses of the School. But starting from the first year, you already feel elsewhere: 24% of European students (excluding France) and 31% from other continents (China, Africa, India ...). It made me discover new ways of thinking. You really learn to live and work with people from different cultures."

Which location is right for you?

ESCP Europe offers a multitude of possibilities on where to do your studies during the two-year Master programme. Students can study in up to four different locations either on our own European campuses (during M1 or M2) or at one of our international partner institutions around the world (during M2).

Berlin - London - Madrid - Paris - Turin - Warsaw - International Partners

Study location rotation policy

  • You must study at a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 different locations
  • You may spend a maximum of 2 semesters on one campus or location
  • In M2, exchanges with partner institutions have a duration of 1 semester. To obtain a double degree, the duration is 2 semesters (entire M2)
Pre-Master Year - ESCP Europe

On to the Master
The Pre-Master Year

If you have completed a French Classe Préparatoire or at least two years of university education (120 ECTS), you may apply to join the Pre-Master year.
Students who successfully complete the Pre-Master Year automatically join the Master in Management programme, without having to go through any further admission procedures.


Master in Management
Identify your professional objectives to ensure your career prospects

Master in Management Careers - Identify your professional objectives

Gain the Edge that Employers are looking for Masters in Management graduates are armed with a strong business foundation that transforms their resume into a marketable and diversified set of experiences. MiM graduates have the earning potential and gain access to international careers. Located on each of the six ESCP Europe campuses, the Careers Service provides you with the advice, data and tools to connect you to companies.


Job placement

Each Master in Management student graduates with at least 10 months of professional experience - a real advantage for entering the job market.

2018 Master in Management First Job Survey


found a job within 3 months of graduation


work outside of their home country


before graduation

€50,480 average annual starting salary

Industry sectors




Finance, Banking, Insurance




34% Consulting, 15% Finance, 14% Marketing, 9% Business Development, 7% C-Suite, 5% Audit.

The top countries/regions of employment of our graduates…

  • 58% France
  • 10% United Kingdom
  • 10% Germany
  • 7% Asia Pacific
  • 5% Europe
  • 4% Italy
  • 4% Americas
  • 2% Africa/Middle East

… and their top recruiters.

Accenture – Accor – Airbus – Amazon – Apple – AT Kearney – AXA – Axel Springer – Bain & Company – Banco Santander – BearingPoint – Bertelsmann – Bloomberg – BMW – BNP Paribas – Bombardier – BCG – CHANEL – Coca-Cola – Commerzbank – Deloitte – E.ON – Eaton Corporation – EY – Ferrero – General Electric – Google – HSBC – Johnson & Johnson – Kellogg's – KPMG – L'Oréal – Lavazza – Lazard – Luxottica – LVMH – McKinsey & Company – Michelin – Microsoft – Mondelēz – Natixis – Nestlé – Nomura – Novartis – Oracle – Pfizer – PwC – Procter &Gamble – Renault – Roland Berger – Royal Bank of Scotland – SAP – Société Générale – Sony – Telefónica – Thales – Total – Uber – Ubisoft – UBS – Unilever – Vodafone

Federico LEVIS, budgeting and Planning Allianz


Federico LEVIS (Italy)
Budgeting and Planning
Class of 2015

"ESCP Europe gave me the opportunity to study abroad and earn degrees in Italy, England and France. I learned to get along well with people from many different countries, which helped me land my current position at Allianz, a global insurance group."


When the experience makes the difference

ESCP Europe puts everything in place to enrich your competency portfolio. With the help of the Career services team and your alumnus/a mentor, you lay the groundwork for your career track. Internships or apprenticeships play a key role in your professional development.


Work placements in the form of internships or short employment contracts enable students to apply the theory learned in-class to real-life professional situations, helping in turn to clarify their career goals. As such, work placements are an integral part of the Master in Management programme and the hands-on learning experience.

All students are required to undertake a minimum of 2 work placements taking place in 2 different countries lasting at least 3 months each. Students with previous work experience (completed before joining the programme) can validate up to 16 weeks toward the total required. On average, MIM students gain 64 weeks (16 months) of work experience before graduation.

Students have access to an extensive number of partner firms (e.g. consulting firms, major international corporations, investment and commercial banks) via each campus' careers service, which they can contact to secure internships or first jobs.

Work placement objectives
  • Gain valuable intercultural experience within a company in any country worldwide
  • Put theoretical management methods and techniques into practice in a real-life corporate environment
  • Reflect on the experience gained, the management methodology used and more globally, the human dimension of the organisations
  • Clarify your career goals
Valentina Ricciardo, Product Manager Hair Care Portfolio France Benelux Proctor and Gamble


Valentina RICCIARDO (Italy)
Product Manager Hair Care Portfolio France Benelux
Proctor and Gamble
Class of 2016

"I chose to specialise in strategy and consulting, where I had the chance to meet brilliant and inspiring people and learn how to solve complex problems. After a summer internship, I was offered a full-time job at P&G where I now manage 3 products. The analytical thinking and cross functional knowledge gained at ESCP Europe helps me to take strategic decisions for future of the brands."

Apprenticeship Track

The ideal way to combine study and professional experience 110 student apprentices each year 1000 – 1600 € per month salary range 14, 18 or 24 month options The apprenticeship track combines in-company work experience with academic coursework at ESCP Europe. Apprenticeships are available for all students aged under 30 (when they start to work) from the European Union. Employment must be in a company governed under French law; accordingly the students must have a sound knowledge of French.

Why choose the Apprenticeship Track?
  • You work in a company and become deeply involved in day-to-day business.
  • You exercise day-to-day responsibilities under the guidance of a senior manager, with the support of a tutor.
  • You benefit from fee exemption and a monthly salary by your company over the full period of the contract.
Déborah Hadjej, Programme acquisition consultant (apprentice) Canal+


Déborah HADJEJ (France)
Programme acquisition consultant (apprentice)
Class of 2016

"Having the possibility in the second master year to combine the “Management of Culture and media industries” specialisation with professional experience at one of the biggest European audiovisual companies was an incredible opportunity.  It gave me the profile companies in the sector look for to be offered a management position upon graduation.  It’s an experience that I highly recommend:  it’s an enriching challenge that gives you great time management skills."

Pre-Master Year - ESCP Europe

On to the Master
The Pre-Master Year

If you have completed a French Classe Préparatoire or at least two years of university education (120 ECTS), you may apply to join the Pre-Master year.
Students who successfully complete the Pre-Master Year automatically join the Master in Management programme, without having to go through any further admission procedures.


Master in Management


Who should apply?

3 requirements:

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in any field of study*
  • English fluency (level B2 advanced)
  • Internationally-minded students with proven academic excellence

What is considered a plus:

  • Previous work experience
  • Additional languages
  • International experience

The Pre-Master Year

If you have completed a French Classe Préparatoire or at least two years of university education (120 ECTS), you may apply to join the Pre-Master year.


You need to know:

  • You may submit an application in the same year you complete your Bachelor degree, pre-graduation.
  • You can only apply through one admission centre and submit only one application per year.  It is also forbidden to apply through more than one admission route (i.e. you cannot apply through both the European Master Admission Test and the SAI admissions).
  • Selected candidates will be invited to sit an interview as the final step towards admission.

Admission paths & Calendars

Previous studies in France
The Concours d’admission directe (25 seats)

This admission route is exclusively for students with a French university degree.

Candidates from all education fields are encouraged to apply. You must hold a "Licence" degree or higher (maîtrise, IEP, Master, engineer). The admission process is conducted entirely in French.

Concours d’admission directe
Step 1 - Online application
Admission calendar
  • TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.
  • University transcripts
  • Degree certificate/diploma recognised by the MESR (if available)
  • Personal statement
Step 2 - For selected candidates
  • Oral English test
  • Oral test in a second language
  • Motivational interview in person
2018/2019 Admission Calendar
Concours d'admission directe

Applications are open from early December 2018 to 19 March 2019.

Previous studies outside France
Two admission routes: International Direct Admissions or “Join a School In France” (SAI)

Admission route 1: International Direct Admissions*
To apply directly and exclusively to ESCP Europe

This admission route is valid if you wish to apply directly and exclusively to ESCP Europe.

You must hold a Bachelor degree awarded in a university outside of France after at least three years of university study, with a maximum of 1 year in France.

International Direct Admissions

Step 1 - Online application (Oct 2018 - Apr 2019)

Admissions are organised on a rolling basis and consist of several rounds. Choice of application deadline and admissions rounds (interviews and testing) are dictated by your country of residence at the time you apply. For exact application deadlines and corresponding admissions sessions, please refer to the online application.

  • TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or Cambridge
  • High School Diploma
  • University transcripts
  • Certificate of enrolment or Diploma
  • Personal statement
  • CV

* In the event that submission of one of these tests is not possible,
you may request to take a replacement test (SHL) on campus.

Step 2 - For selected candidates
  • Motivational interview by Skype or on-campus
Admission route 2: “Join a School in France” (SAI)*
To apply to a consortium of five of the best business schools with campuses in France

“Join a School in France” is an admissions centre for five different international business schools with campuses in France.

In order to apply, you must hold a Bachelor degree awarded outside France after at least three years of university study, with a maximum of 1 year in France. The initial application stage is a general acceptance process, after which the individual schools choose whether to offer places to applicants based on the admission results.

  • There are more than 60 SAI centres worldwide. For full details and to apply, please visit the “Join a School in France” website.
“Join a School in France”(SAI)
Step 1 - Online application (Jul 2018 - Apr 2019)
access the SAI website
Admission calendar
  • TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or Cambridge
  • University transcripts
  • Degree certificate or diploma (if available)
  • Two academic references
Step 2 - For selected candidates
  • Motivational interview in person
2018/2019 Admission Calendar
“Join a School in France” (SAI)

Admissions are organised on a rolling basis and consist of several rounds.

Application deadlines
Round 1 28 Oct 2018
Round 2 7 Jan 2019
Round 3 28 Feb 2019
Round 4 19 Apr 2019

*Special note for Chinese nationals: due to a specific visa procedure (related to Campus France), candidates from China may only apply through the SAI path.

Admissions processes for candidates with specific backgrounds
Engineering partner schools, “Sportifs de haut niveau”, “Talent Spring”

Engineering partner schools
“Sportifs de haut niveau”

Sportif de haut niveau (top-level athlete in France), registered on the national list

“Talent Spring”

Candidates who have had atypical life journeys that have effected their pursuit of education, and with strong non-academic skills.

Pre-Master Year - ESCP Europe

On to the Master
The Pre-Master Year

If you have completed a French Classe Préparatoire or at least two years of university education (120 ECTS), you may apply to join the Pre-Master year.
Students who successfully complete the Pre-Master Year automatically join the Master in Management programme, without having to go through any further admission procedures.


Master in Management
Fees & Financials


The fees for those entering the two-year programme in September 2019 are set at:

  • €16,300 for EU citizens per year
  • €20,700 for non-EU citizens per year

A supplement of €1,100 to  €2,050 will be due for those students required to take the catch-up semester of prerequisite courses (students without the required previous management studies). Fees are subject to modification without notice.

Evaluate the total costs of your studies

Please take into account the cost of living on the different campuses. Costs will vary depending upon type of accommodation and lifestyle.

Berlin London Madrid Paris Turin Warsaw
in Euros
400 740 470 680 510 230
200 270 180 220 250 90
60 55 40 30 30 15
250 125 150 180 100 70
250 250 100 150 150 45
1,160 1,440 940 1,260 1,040 450


Financing your programme

A programme such as the Master in Management is perhaps the most significant investment that you will make in your professional life and your future. Below are some suggestions on how to fund your time at ESCP Europe.


ESCP Europe strives to attract the best students, regardless of their financial background. As such, the School offers a selection of financial need and merit-based scholarships. Around 400 are awarded each year, representing a total of €1,500,000.

Paid Internships

At the end of the first year of the Master in Management (from May onwards), students will have the possibility of beginning paid internships.

To graduate, students must have completed a minimum of 40 weeks of internships. However, many students choose to carry out longer internships than this required minimum, often taking sandwich years to get a longer professional experience and help finance tuition fees. While the salary offered is quite variable, most students get paid €400 to €1,900 per month during their internships.


It is possible to acquire a one or two-year apprenticeship during the Master in Management programme if you are studying at the Paris campus. (Please note, students must be fluent in French and no older than 26 in order to take this option.) Students participating in this programme variation pay no fees during this period and additionally receive a salary from the respective company they work for.

Campus jobs

There are very often jobs available on-campus (e.g. administrative, events, etc). These are paid by the hour. To find out more, contact your upcoming campus of study.

Bank Loans

Gaining a place in the ESCP Europe Master in Management programme represents a guarantee of an appreciative level of income upon graduation. Consult your banker for information on a personal loan. Many banks offer student loans at attractive rates, with deferred pay back. Recent ESCP Europe students have received interest rates as low as 1%.

Pre-Master Year - ESCP Europe

On to the Master
The Pre-Master Year

If you have completed a French Classe Préparatoire or at least two years of university education (120 ECTS), you may apply to join the Pre-Master year.
Students who successfully complete the Pre-Master Year automatically join the Master in Management programme, without having to go through any further admission procedures.