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What is a Customised Programme at ESCP Europe?

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that individuals are the architects of their own development rather than passive recipients of learning.

Our customised programmes always try to address multiple learning outcomes, focusing on knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Whether you are looking to attract new talent to your organisation; to retain, train and engage your current workforce or to generate an innovative solution to a new business challenge, ESCP Europe has the capabilities and unique resources of a knowledge-generating enterprise to help companies move forward



Berlin Campus

Theresa Voigt
+49 (0)30 32007 197

London Campus

Francesco Morrone
+44 (0)20 7443 8816

Madrid Campus

Olga Alonso Pelegrin
+34 (0)91 386 25 11

Paris Campus

Karine Maxence
+33 (0)1 55 65 56 30

Turin Campus

Clara Bocchio
+39 348 304 20 82

Our approach

5 keys to better understand our custom solutions

Key 1
a Tailored Service

A tailored service with our best inputs about innovative learning techniques

We combine experiential, proactive, practical learning with modern theory-based learning techniques. Teaching is not only about conveying knowledge, but also ensuring that education is a transformational experience.

ESCP Europe offers an innovative teaching approach focusing particularly on "what teaching Executives really means?"

Key 2
Academic Research-Based

International and cross-cultural expertise, supported by academic research

An international highly-experienced faculty in executive development and on the cutting edge of their fields.

ESCP Europe is bridging the gap between the corporate and academic worlds by providing tailored executive education. This cutting-edge research is the basis for all our bespoke programmes.

Key 3
Changing Markets

Preparing your business to adapt to changes in market conditions

Our world-class faculty work alongside our clients to explore and understand both the needs of their organisations and how best to provide a training solution that best fits their business issues and how to help you keeping you ahead of the competition. At ESCP Europe Business School we understand that organisations face multiple challenges in an increasingly complex globalised world.  Competition is increasing, budgets are tightening, risks are heightened and markets are volatile. These challenges affect organisations and individuals within them.

Key 4
Talent Development

Supporting their policy of talent development within the organisation

Customised programmes that can be integrated with ESCP Europe degree programmes or certifications to provide participants with company-specific expertise and general management qualifications.

We believe in lifelong learning and that any training initiative ought to form part of a continuing process and belong to a wider context of succession planning and/or talent management.

Key 5
Global Presence

Wherever you and your teams are in the world

Course design that capitalises on the advantage of ESCP Europe’s 6 campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, to give multinationals both a global perspective and the capacity to adapt effectively to local contexts. Partnerships with several business schools around the world also add great value.

Blended learning can also help companies to train widely their teams.

A gateway to doing business in Europe for non-European companies that want to provide their managers with the keys to succeed in European markets.

Custom Programmes for Companies - Student - ESCP Europe


Our Process
Our 4-step process to design the programme that meets your needs is as individual as our clients are

We work with you to define the best way to achieve our companies goals.

1 – Understand the business context

We start with an in-depth analysis of the client’s business, key drivers, corporate culture and strategy. Our programmes are built on this understanding.

2 – Design the programme

Based on the clear business context, we design and put together the programme with experienced professors, taking into account the needs of the client’s organisation, as well as individuals within it.
Step-by-step we develop all contents and a high performing programme with the most suitable solutions and techniques from a large range of possibilities and scenarios: self-diagnosis; individual or group tutoring; team building; workshops; benchmarking and company visits, on-site or e-learning; peer-review; projects; conferences; learning expeditions; coachings...

3 – Deliver wherever you want

Thanks to the international locations of our 5 campuses and our academic partners, our programmes are available in the country or countries of your choice.
We can design your programme with a specific European, cross-cultural, or international scope, and enable you to access and benefit from our vast network of local experts.

4 – Evaluate and adjust the programme

From teaching to organisational or logistical aspects, we identify key areas of improvement.
To ensure a good return on investment, we develop adapted tools of evaluation according to the goals to be achieved.

Our Main Expertises
Companies' needs we are used to adressing, expertises areas, experts series videos

Companies' needs we are used to adressing:

Implement new strategies and get teams to buy-in
Follow and consolidate a process of change
Encourage truly innovative initiatives
Strengthen the leadership skills of managers
Ensure the strengths and high-potential skills are constantly improved
Develop expertise in finance, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship etc.
Reinforce consistent practices between business units or subsidiaries
Internationalise activities and build cross-border teams…

Expertises areas

Business Strategy and Implementation
  • Business Consulting – Project  Management
  • Business models
  • Competitivity and Innovation
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Design thinking
  • Energy Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International development
  • Open Innovation, crowdsourcing, co-creation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Strategic Management
Leadership and Management
  • Change Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Management 2.0
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making and Communication
  • Women in Leadership
Marketing, Negotiation & Business Development
  • Branding, communication and design strategy
  • Market access
  • Marketing & Creativity
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Operational Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Social medias and digital marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
Corporate Finance and Governance, Accountancy, Audit and Control
  • Budgets
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Wealth Management
  • Management Control system and performance
  • Purchasing
  • Supply chain
... Multi-disciplinary programmes combining any of the above.

Check out our experts series videos…

Are you sure you have a strategy in your company?

Frédéric Fréry, Professor of Strategy suggests you to apply the Stress Test to find out.

Change Management architecture

Davide Sola, Professor at ESCP Europe, stresses how complex the Change Management process is and gives the key recommendations to succeed in.

The pros to be an optimistic leader

Philippe Gabilliet, Professor in Psychology, Organisational Behaviour and Management at ESCP Europe shows how an optimistic mindset inspires creative energy in a company.

The global marketing drivers

Chris Halliburton, ESCP Europe Professor, challenges the so called marketing drivers, which could be misleading when aggregating consumer's behaviours.

What is risk in Finance?

As no statistical law can describe precisely a natural phenomenon, Christophe Thibierge, Professor in Finance at ESCP Europe, stresses that predictions need to be reassessed.

For an ergonomical approach to Management Control

Fabien de Geuser, Professor at ESCP Europe, highlights  the paradoxes of a discipline that can be either coercive or empowering.

Forecasting and Supply Chain

Valentina Carbone, ESCP Europe Professor of Supply Chain Management invites us to reassess its status quo.

Our clients

Success Stories

3M - Marketing Councils programme

Support the development of skills and expertise in Marketing teams

The first 3M Marketing Councils developed by ESCP Europe were held. After a kick off session, 4 days of training were given to 70 employees in the France Marketing Department of the 3M Group. Product Marketers, Segment Marketers and Channel Marketers… worked hard for 4 days to continue to support a Group of international scope whose reputation in the field of innovation has long been proven.

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Support the development of a team-based management

From 2011 to 2015, LISI AEROSPACE has entrusted the design and running of the EXPAND programme within its company university, the LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute (LKI).

  • 3 co-designed modules with an international vision (managers from all over the world, a single programme, 2 language groups, 60% of the common training in English)
  • 3 management fields: team management, change management and performance management.
  • 12 days of training over 9 months to share experience with peers from all over the world.

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Savencia fromage & dairy - HR Excellence

Support the development of skills and expertise of Human Resources teams

Everything starts with men and women; it is they who make our company, the quality of its products and its results.
These are the terms used by Jean-Paul Torris in June 2014 when he inaugurated the HR Excellence programme of the Savencia fromage & dairy: a training programme designed for all the HR professions, namely 150 employees in France and worldwide.
A 2-week programme incorporating a series of projects.

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SNCF - INITIATIV’ programme

Support the transformative process of the Group

In September 2013 SNCF Group launcher its INITIATIV’ programme in the presence of the trainees, their managers, Sophie Boissard, deputy CEO, Strategy and Development, SNCF, Marie-Dominique Bidault, HR Director of support functions, SNCF and the SNCF/ ESCP teaching staff.
So far, 5 cohorts have been trained.

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REUNICA AG2R - Research, innovation & management programme

An educational journey towards innovation…

30 REUNICA (AG2R) managers went on an original educational journey to the heart of issues related to research, innovation and management at ESCP Europe.
At the heart of the challenge was the need to anticipate changes in the social sector and reaffirm our original vocation through innovative thinking.
In essence, this approach had to both enhance performance and create collective values (foster creativity and federate). Therefore, the company was looking for a new and original training programme which would reflect its forward-thinking and innovative dynamics.

Read more

CCI VAL DE MARNE - Management for new business leaders programme

Supporting entrepreneurship

The Val-de-Marne CCI has chosen to use ESCP Europe as part of its “Cité Cap” support programme aimed at business leaders of high-potential companies located in specific neighbourhoods.
The goal of “Cité Cap” is to contribute to the development of VSE and stabilise employment in these areas.
Through the "Management for new business leaders" programme, ESCP Europe has developed and completed the managerial skills of top managers.
40 VSE two groups of business leaders have followed 7 full days of training in the main management disciplines and strategy, one day every 2 months over an 18-month period.

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REPSOL - Introduction to Management programme

Designed for executives who develop their role in various areas and units of Repsol, whose academic origin is technical and nontechnical.

The program aims to empower and train in different areas of management: Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.

Havaianas Europe  - Managing International Teams programme

Managing International Teams & Enhancing Performance through Coaching and Feedback.

Designed for the european Management Team of the company  in order to improve their effectiveness as leaders through training workshops and analysis of their executive profiles.

Madrid Community - Executive Development programme

Aimed at executives at level 30 of the Administration of the Community of Madrid, in order to develop their management skills, management techniques and communication.

Inditex Tempe - Executive Coaching programme

Designed for executives from the footwear INDITEX division (TEMPE) in order to improve their skills as international managers and team leaders.

Video of L'Oréal (Spain) HR Director's testimonial

Praxair - Managing Change in the Organisation

Program for professionals in the Oximesa company intended to train them in the skills needed to cope with the changes in the organization and understand the opportunities and challenges of these changes for individuals and businesses of the company.

Novartis - Novartis Excellence Programme

Supporting talent development

9 Novartis managers started an ambitious training course in October 2013: the Novartis Excellence Programme (NEP).
This programme includes:

  • in year 1 - 7 modules of 3 days at ESCP Europe to help participants develop their soft and hard skills and validate their experience through an action project
  • at the end of the programme, all participants will benefit from the recognition of the B.A.D.G.E. label of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).
    in year 2 - a change to another function, with mentoring.

2 others cohorts have been trained in 2014 and 2015.

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CCIFER Romania - Executive Management Programme

Supporting high-potential managers of French and Romanian companies

The first ExMP programme has been launched January 2013, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania in conjunction with ESCP Europe welcomed a new intake each year.
The ambition is to support the creation of future Romanian top managers.
The ExMP project is already an important visiting card for the French community in Romania, which has set up a visionary programme for its managers.

Read more

Orpea Group - Cadrelan

Supporting the growth of the Group

Operating in a sector undergoing profound change and driven by a fast pace of development for over 10 years both in France and in the rest of Europe, the ORPEA-CLINEA Group wished to create a customised training programme with ESCP Europe. This was to be able to anticipate and adapt to changes in its environment and encourage the professional development of employees by promoting talented managers.

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A way of preparing for tomorrow’s challenges

Between July 2013 and July 2014, the first ever participants from  SNCF Group finance personnel followed the #NewCFOs programme.
The aims of a development programme designed for the financial community.
The SNCF Group chose ESCP Europe to help create a pool of potential top financial executives.
The goal: to reinvent the finance function to support the company in its business and organisational transformations.

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SACEM - Training for managers

Support the “Sacem 2020” project

Sacem, a non-profit making company of authors founded in 1851, developed a project called “Sacem 2020” in 2012 which was designed to make Sacem the European leader of authors’ associations in the digital age.
To enable the 170 Sacem top managers to drive the changes required for this transformation, 3 areas of skill development have been defined:

  • Support the changes and strategic challenges
  • Mobilise and involve the teams in the new projects and changes  
  • Initiate and manage new ways of collaborative and project work

Read more

BearingPoint - The Female Leadership Programme

Over 20 female senior consultants from BearingPoint participated in a newly designed training in September 2015: The Female Leadership Programme.

The 2.5 days training focused on opportunities and challenges for female leaders in the consulting context. A mix of academic input, best practices and interactive training sessions aimed to train the participants on the topics of self-awareness, communication skills, negotiation and networking.

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DAHER - “Innovation by Daher

Because innovation does not wait

The DAHER Group has entrusted ESCP Europe with an ambitious programme starting in Jan 2016 to enable its managers to have an ever more innovative and forward-looking view of their activity and profession.
This training underlines DAHER’s strong desire to drive all dimensions of the the entire group’s innovation culture which is anchored in an entrepreneurial family history. The aim is to make DAHER "best in class for innovation": a desire supported and led cross-functionally by the all the Group's executives.

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Generali - Leading Change Initiative programme

The Leading Change programme for Generali Infrastructure Services (GIS)

It is a fully integrated change management project to support the self-awareness, leadership skill-building, distance management learning, and empowerment of more than 100 business leaders, managing 1000 infrastructure employees, during their 2014 – 2016 transformation from local management in local language in 6 countries (Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria) to global management in a matricial functional structure, in English.

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Barilla - Advanced Management programme

Defining strategic direction and key priorities

One of the key factors in the success of ESCP Europe is the constant collaboration with the most important national and international companies. The consolidated and long-standing cooperation with Barilla is a great example. In May 2016 starts the 5th edition of the Advanced Management Programme for Barilla Managers in partnership with the ESCP Europe Turin Campus.

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Saint-Gobain - Management Control programme

The “Management Control” programme, which has been in existence for over 10 years, is the fruit of cooperation between Saint Gobain heads of management control and ESCP Europe. It combines state-of-the-art theoretical approaches with the professional practices of the Saint Gobain Group.

Read more

Which topics adressed?

Multidisciplinary programmes

KPMG, Société générale, Geodis, Groupama, Crédit agricole Île-de-France, CCIFER, Groupe Lactalis, Barilla, Repsol, …

Business Strategy, Leadership & Management

Strategic Management & Change Management

Groupe Auchan, Sodexo, Indian Oil, LISI Automotive, …

Management & Leadership

Generali, Novartis, GBH, DCNS, …

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

Alcatel-Lucent, Réunica, …

Marketing, Negotiation & Business Development

Novo Nordisk, Egis Group, Orange, ORPEA Group, TNS Sofres, …

Corporate Finance and Governance, Accountancy, Audit and Control

EDF, PPR, SNCF, Saint-Gobain, RATP Dev, Tsinghua SEM, Reserve Bank of India, …

Experience Europe Programme

Ready for a journey through the European world of business?

With a population of more than 540 million, Europe is the largest trading bloc in the world. It is also the 2nd largest global economic power. But there is no need to feel intimidated by this vast and complex economy: let ESCP Europe be your guide!

What is the Experience Europe programme?

“European Identity – Global perspective”, ESCP Europe's five campuses are a 'playing field' for a custom programmes on how to do business in Europe. With rich and international academic resources and proven best business practices at our disposal, we are able to build customised programmes that fit your needs. ESCP Europe is the gateway to doing business in Europe.

Cross-cultural, inter-cultural, transnational, cross-border

These are the key words of today's economy and growth perspectives. By co-creating their courses with ESCP Europe, businesses can provide their managers with the keys to success in European markets.

How does it work?

Build your own learning experience across Europe by selecting all the ingredients of your programme. Duration, topics and expertises, locations, experiences... you can decide what fit the best your objectives. To help, we suggest you to find out above inspiring examples of programmes.


Creating your custom European Learning Tour with ESCP Europe

Whether you are looking to focus on the European economy or aspects of business life in Europe; on understanding how cross-cultural aspects of various regions can impact on setting up businesses; or simply acquire a greater understanding of skills such as marketing or finance, ESCP Europe can assist in building a customised study track.


Head of Custom Solutions,
Executive Education Division
+34 (0)1 55 65 56 30

Build your own learning experience across Europe by selecting…

Experience the city way of life

Learning through experience

ESCP Europe believes in the effectiveness of experiential sessions to stimulate knowledge. Experience the European Business Environment is also about experiencing what Europe is about


Berlin - ESCP Europe
Alternative Berlin - Street Art Workshop & Tour

Berlin's street art is internationally renowned as a fascinating ways of exploring the city.

Creative Sustainability tour

Discover Berlin's unique, local initiatives:

  • DIY and open-source-urbanism
  • CoHousing
  • CoWorking
  • Community gardens
  • Ecological architecture
  • Cultural projects

London - ESCP Europe
Retail Safari

This tour will take you to the frontline of innovation in the retail industry.

To get inspired from London retail and discover the lastest best practices.

Art and Business

Museum night visit @ National Gallery of British Museum.

Getting lessons from art to understand leadership and change management…


Madrid - ESCP Europe
Tapas Cooking Workshop

4 hours practical workshop to prepare 6 traditionnal tapas and enjoy your creations with sangria, also made during the class.

Tapas are prepared in pairs under the guidance of our experienced chef.

Innovation in Pablo Picasso's work

How can Picasso enlighten us on the subject of innovation?

Creating more than 50,000 works of art and using different materials, he went beyond the bounderies of different types of art.



Paris - ESCP Europe
Cooking Challenge

Cooking is a great team activity, an original and interactive way to entertain and build relationships with your colleagues or your clients. Extend this workshop with a conference to go further: "Leadership Lessons from the Great Chefs".

Lessons from Climbing

The mountain metaphor and the climbing experience enable to adress the challenges participants through in their professional and personal life. This workshop allows to elaborate on change management.


Turin - ESCP Europe
Torino Cinema Museum

Unique in Italy and among the most important worldwide, this Museum is hosted in the Mole Antonelliana, the historic symbol of the city. Mixing design, culture and creativity it enables to understand how talent brings and innovation value.

Magic Torino Tour

Tour in the hidden corners of the city, changing usual perspectives, Turin is a mysterious city with magic landscapes and hidden places. The Magic Turin Tour will bring you the dark side of Turin, acquering new perspectives in particular in the Food & Beverage sector.



Company visits / Face-to-Face meetings

The best way to experience business and to get inspired to build you own future success story.

Company visits are designed to give you an insight into a company, their people and their culture. They will give you the opportunity to meet top executives and C-suite members. This is a great way to understand and explore the organisation. A great opportunity to rethink and challenge your operational strategy and processes.


Bombardier Transportation
Deutsche Post DHL Group




NH Hotels


Michel & Augustin
Van Cleef & Arpels
Société Générale




Expertise areas overview

Get a glance at
  • the main fields of expertises of each ESCP Europe campus
  • the business industries each campus can connect you with
  • the research centres tant can be involved in your training programme to provide participants with complementary contents and insights.
  • International Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • CSR in European Companies
  • Automotive Industry
  • Renewable Energies
  • Mittelstand sector
  • Finance
  • Marketing and Creativity
  • Energy
  • Energy sector
  • Banks & Insurance
  • Retail
  • Health Care and pharmaceutical industry
  • Creative industries
  • Change Management
  • Remote Distance Teams
  • Project Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Luxury
  • Energy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Change Management
  • Intercultural Management
  • Marketing and Branding Management
  • Luxuy/Design
  • Banking
  • Public sector
  • Retail
  • Leading Change in tough environments
  • Brand
  • Muticultural Team Leadership
  • SMEs & Start-Ups: Italian peculiarities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Design
  • Luxury
  • Automotive

Campus features

Each of our campuses is unique.

Find out how


Berlin - ESCP Europe
Located near one of the historical centrepieces of Berlin, the Charlottentburg Castle.

The School's beautiful late-19th century building is surrender by unique baroque gardens.


London - ESCP Europe
Situated in West Hampstead, in a traditional Victorian building.

The bright city lights and the business community are only a tube ride away, whilst the fashionable area of West Hampstead offers a broad cultural experience.


Madrid - ESCP Europe
Only a couple of metres away from the National Park of Monte del Pardo.

The surrounding gardens and parks are an ideal environment for intense concentation required by demanding executive programmes.


Paris - ESCP Europe
At the heart of the city.

The largest of the campuses hosts the greatest number of faculty and students. The building is classified as historical monument and is situated in the heart of the city.


Turin - ESCP Europe
The campus with the enthusiasm of a start-up and strong business community link

Torino is one of the main business centres of the Italian economy, as well as the home to a masterpiece of architecture and one of the favorite student cities in Italy.



Get inspirations from 3 examples of flagship tours

Grow International European Learning Tour - ESCP Europe
Innovation & Entrepreneurship European Learning Tour - ESCP Europe
Luxury European Learning Tour - ESCP Europe