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Bachelor in Management (BSc)
3 years, 3 countries, 1 programme


The Bachelor in Management Highlights

A unique opportunity to experience intercultural management first-hand by living and studying in three different countries over three years

  • Study each year in a different campus, without having to compromise on academic excellence
  • Experience intercultural management first-hand
  • Unique interdisciplinary programme combining management, liberal arts and languages
  • Compulsory internships and/or social impact projects
  • Personal development workshops to improve your study, research and communication skills
  • Study entirely in English or take some classes in French, German or Spanish
  • Gain or improve proficiency in an additional two languages


Programme Objectives
Challenge yourself intellectually and acquire skills for a top international career

Learning about Business Management in a Cross-cultural context

During the course of this three-year, three-country programme, you will truly get to know and understand diverse cultures and approaches to management – both through your multi-campus travel and the experience of working with your international peers.
By the conclusion of the Bachelor, you will have acquired the necessary background and knowledge in management, economics, and law, complemented by the fundamentals of maths, accounting and statistics. All modules have been chosen to provide you with a solid foundation for a career in business across a range of different industry sectors and management domains.

Working as a team with people all over the world

You develop presentation, communication and research skills, as well as gaining fluency in several languages.
Group work and collective projects are an integral part of the programme, allowing you to gain insights into working as a team with people all over the world, both face-to-face and digital technology.

Learning about Liberal Arts and Humanities

The inclusion of liberal arts and humanities modules (e.g. Psychology and Sociology) will give you an important understanding of business in a wider context, to think outside the box and develop different ways of thinking.

Bringing concepts to life

We believe that theory is nothing without practice, so internships and social impact projects provide the opportunity for you to bring your learned concepts and techniques to life.
The Bachelor thesis brings the programme to a close, consolidating the past three years of learning and working in a multicultural environment and preparing you for the next steps in their career, be it in postgraduate study or graduate work opportunities.

Virginia BENAZZO (Italy) – Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Europe


Virginia BENAZZO (Italy)
Track: London – Turin – Berlin


"I like the fact that all the students come from different countries and thus everyone has various backgrounds and experiences; ESCP Europe is a very international school, which gives the opportunity to hear and learn regarding other cultures, which is also done thanks to the chance to students to study in three different countries. Moreover, I do enjoy the course, especially business thanks to the fact that students can listen in the same semester to various professors, each of them focused and specialised in the topic of their lecture."


Degree Awards

Bachelor of Science in Management programme following international standards. Fully compliant with the EU Bologna process.

  • Visa (Bac+3) of the French Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation (MESRI) in France


Key Features

  • Small group pedagogy allowing for in-class interactivity and regular face-to-face time with top international faculty.
  • Multinational teamwork and development of intercultural skills highly appreciated by employers.
  • Practical real-life cases and business simulations to prepare you for your first steps into the corporate world.
  • In-depth development of presentation and communication skills, as well as written competencies.
  • Collective projects to trigger student-led initiatives, developing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Internships and social projects facilitated by our strong links to the corporate and institutional worlds, providing you valuable professional experiences.
Shaan LEGROS (USA) – Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Europe


Track: London – Madrid – Berlin


"I love ESCP Europe because of its diversity. You can't get this international exposure at any other school. Not only do I get to learn about different people's cultures, I also get to practice my language skills with everyone. Another great thing about the program is that we get to study in three different countries, which will help us stand out in the future. I’m looking forward to living in Madrid and Berlin, and I’m hoping to get prestigious internships during summer breaks."

For more information read our FAQ

Bachelor in Management (BSc)
3 years, 3 countries, 1 programme

The Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme consists of six semesters with a total of 180 ECTS credits. Students live and study in a different city each year, experiencing three distinct countries and cultures.

Please note that students may only study in Paris once.

First Year

London, Paris

Language requirements:

  • English

Second Year

Madrid, Paris
or Turin

Language requirements:

  • Madrid (English and Spanish - B1 minimum)
  • Turin (English)
  • Paris (English and French - B1 minimum)

Third Year

or Paris

Language requirements:

  • Berlin (English and optional classes in German)
  • Paris (French - C1 minimum): Work and Study track


Languages form an important part of ESCP Europe's Bachelor programme, with the aim being that all our students speak three languages (including their mother tongue) upon graduation.

To make this possible, we provide in-class and digital language courses that are adapted to each student's level during the three years.

During the first year all courses are taught in English. During the second semester of the second year, some courses in Madrid and Paris will be taught in Spanish and French respectively; all courses offered in Turin are in English. In the third year some of the elective courses will be offered in German, with the option of selecting electives taught in English.

This offers our students the flexibility to study according to their preferences, whilst developing proficiency in other languages.

Academic Courses

First Year - 60 ECTS

Management, Economics & Law Modules
  • Introduction to European Business Administration and Organisations
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting 1
  • Micro-Economics
  • European Institutions and Comparative Political Systems
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics 1
  • Statistics and Probability
Liberal Arts & Humanities Modules
  • Introduction to Psychology and Sociology
  • International Relations and European & World History
Languages & Personal Skills Modules
  • Presentation, Discussion and Rhetoric Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Languages
Collective Projects, Internships
  • Collective Project 1
  • Internship – 8 weeks (optional)

Second Year - 60 ECTS

Management, Economics & Law Modules
  • Finance
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting 2
  • Marketing
  • Macro-Economics
  • Contract and Business Law in Europe
  • International and European Business Law and Taxation
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics 2
  • Advanced Statistical Methods
Liberal Arts & Humanities Modules
  • Key Scientific and Technological Issues in Business
Languages & Personal Skills Modules
  • Intercultural Skills
  • Languages
Collective Projects, Internships
  • Collective Project 2
  • Internship or Social Impact Project – 12 weeks

Third Year - 60 ECTS

Management, Economics & Law Modules
  • Strategy and International Management
  • Operations Management and Business Information Systems
  • CSR and Business Ethics
  • Management Elective Courses
  • International Economics
Liberal Arts & Humanities Modules
  • Liberal Arts Elective Courses
Languages & Personal Skills Modules
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Languages
Collective Projects, Internships
  • Business Game
  • Internship – 12 weeks
  • Bachelor Thesis
Anastasia BOLSHEVA (Russia) – Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Europe


Anastasia BOLSHEVA (Russia)
Track: London – Turin – Berlin


"The Bachelor at ESCP Europe gives you opportunities to compare different fields of business and see what you like the most. Moreover, due to the small number of students, you can actually learn much more and perform better, also it improves the interaction with professors."



Each student is required to complete at least two internships, one of which can be replaced by a social impact project.
  • First Year:
    Internship – 8 weeks (optional)
  • Second Year:
    Internship or Social Impact Project – 12 weeks
  • Third Year:
    Internship – 12 weeks

We believe that theory is nothing without practice. This is why we incorporate internships within every programme at ESCP Europe, bringing theory to life and ensuring students get essential experience through a range of companies and organisations.
Our Careers Service provides support and advice in the student's internship search; however, as part of the learning experience, students are expected to take the lead in sourcing and applying for vacant positions.

Examples of companies and organisations offering internships to our students

  • Automotive: BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, Renault, Volkswagen
  • Banking & Finance: ABN Amro, AXA, BNP Paribas, Central European Bank, CSFB, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC, Société Générale, Santander, UBS
  • Consulting: Accenture, AT Kearney, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Lexington Consulting, McKinsey & Company, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Roland Berger
  • Cosmetics & Luxury Brands: Beiersdorf, Bulgari, Estée Lauder, Hermès, Inditex-Zara, L’Oréal, LVMH
  • E-commerce & IT: IBM, Intel, Movistar-Telefónica, Schlumberger,T-Mobile, Orange, AOL, Google, Apple
  • Electrics & Engineering: Arcelor Mittal. Bosch, EADS, General Electric, Siemens
  • Energy & Chemicals: BP, Cognis, Henkel, Shell, Repsol, YPF, Total
  • Food & Beverages: Danone, Ferrero, Kraft, Lavazza. Martini & Rossi
  • Marketing & Communication: ACNielsen, Addison Corporate, Emap Communication, GTI Specialist Publishers, IMG Artists, Saatchi & Saatchi, The Media Trust, Universal McCann
  • NGO: Oxfam, Médecins du Monde
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare: GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Siemens Medical Solutions
Brigitta VILMOS (Hungary) – Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Europe


Brigitta VILMOS (Hungary)
Track: London – Turin – Berlin


"I very much enjoy the multicultural exposure I experience while studying every year at a different campus in a different country together with students from many different nations. Besides studying a broad spectrum of management related courses with many group projects, this international background, together with courses in interpersonal and intercultural skills give us an advantage in today’s competitive job market where employers value the ability of co-operation and teamwork. These skills have proven to be of great value during my consulting internship in the summer as I indeed could profit from what we learned in psychology, communication and interpersonal skills, making collaboration so much easier."


Social Impact Project

At the end of the 2nd year, students can opt to apply their theoretical knowledge to a real-life social impact project instead of completing a professional internship.

The option is designed to encourage students to reflect upon pressing social problems, such as poverty and access to basic needs, and focuses on the growing realisation that sustainable social impact can best be achieved by applying creative management solutions.
Students may even take part in social and humanitarian missions abroad, e.g. helping to build schools in under-developed countries or to develop social businesses.

Guillaume DANLOY (Belgium) – Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Europe


Guillaume DANLOY (Belgium)
Track: London – Madrid – Berlin


"One of the great aspects of this programme is that we aren’t only facing theoretical courses but many practical ones. According to me, this is key to preparing ourselves for our future business lives."



The Bachelor thesis is a further opportunity for students to enhance the learning and skills gained from the programme and deepen both knowledge and understanding of their chosen field in management.

Students select a research topic of particular interest for analysis. Recommendations are prepared using clear, logical argumentation and drawing upon original desk research, interviews or a case study carried out during their assignment. Each thesis project is supervised and guided by a member of Faculty or expert in the relevant field. Students are encouraged to pick a topic of personal interest or one highly relevant to their future career plan. The thesis can be written in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish, and is guided by faculty in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turin - again reflecting the international dimension of the programme.

For more information read our FAQ

Bachelor in Management (BSc)
Contact a Student Ambassador
There is no greater way to understand the benefit of something than to ask someone who has gone before you.

Our Bachelor in Management (BSc) Student Ambassadors are here to help.

Whether you want to learn more about the programme, find out about the social life, have worries about accommodation or the challenges of moving countries – they are here to answer any questions you may have!

Read a little about each Student Ambassador in their profile below, then email them directly.

Berlin Campus

London CampusUP

Madrid CampusUP

Paris CampusUP

Turin CampusUP

Bachelor in Management (BSc)

The Bachelor programme begins every September. The application process operates on a rolling deadline system from October to June. Selective recruitment ensures you only study alongside the highest calibre students.



Non-European Economic Area (EEA) and non-Swiss nationals will need a Visa to study in the UK or EU. ESCP Europe is able to sponsor students for their Visas and to provide the required Visa letter upon confirmation of enrolment. Please be aware you must refer to the relevant government website/s for updated Visa information.

Unless officially exempted, non-EU/EEA students joining the Bachelor in Management programme starting in London, must have the IELTS for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI IELTS) certificate in order to apply for the visa to study in the UK. Normal IELTS certificates will not be accepted by the Home Office.

For further details regarding Visas please contact:

Note: visa conditions for UK may change in 2020. Please make sure to contact our staff for up-to-date information.

Step 1: Online application

Your application should include:

  • Academic records of the last three years (details of all examination results obtained during the last three years of secondary education, including mock secondary examination results, if applicable).
  • Secondary school examination certificate(s), if already held. Otherwise, applicants must provide these documents as soon as received.
  • Personal statement in English.
  • Contact details for one academic reference.
  • English language test scores if required (TOEFL: 90, IELTS: 6.5, CAE).
    Please note that if you require a UK Visa to study in London, you will need a specific IELTS test for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI IELTS)
  • CV/Resume
  • Supporting documents of additional spoken languages.
  • Photocopy of ID/Passport.

Applications for the 2019 intake are closed. Applications for the 2020 intake will be open soon.

* Please note that if you are a French baccalauréat wanting to apply for the Bachelor in Management, first year starting in Paris only, you must register in Parcoursup.

Step 2: Admissions Session

Successful applicants will be invited to an admissions session.


  • Personal interview (in the language of the interviewing campus, or in English, as preferred)
  • Alpha-numeric reasoning test (which can be waived in certain circumstances).

Whilst we prefer to meet students to person, distance interview (via Skype) may be available.

Please note that admission is only granted to students with the necessary visa.

British UCAS system

Applicants who are applying for this programme through the British UCAS system may find this information useful:

  • Institution code: E79
  • Course code: N200
  • Campus code: M
  • Institution code name: ESCP
  • Short form of course: BScManage


For students who are based in the US, you can now also apply to the Bachelor programme via Common App.

Bachelor in Management (BSc)
Fees & Financials


The fees for those entering the three-year programme in September 2020 are:

  • €14,600* per academic year for EU students
  • €20,700* per academic year for Non-EU students
  • Additional registration fee of €360

Tuition fees include all courses, projects (etc) equal to 180 ECTS credits, basic documentation and online modules. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

* Fees may be subject to modification without notice.

Evaluate the total costs of your studies

Please take into account the cost of living on the different campuses.  In Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Turin the costs are in the range of €650 - 1,000 per month.  In London, they are in the range of €1,200 - 1,600 per month.

Berlin London Madrid Paris Turin
€400 €740 €470 €680 €510
€200 €270 €180 €220 €250
€60 €55 €40 €30 €30
€250 €125 €150 €180 €100
€250 €250 €100 €150 €150
€1,160 €1,440 €940 €1,260 €1,040



The ESCP Europe scholarship programme is based on a mix of criteria, which include merit, diversity and financial needs.

Scholarships are competitive and cover 10% to 50% of the tuition fees (the 1st registration fee is not covered by the scholarship). They are renewable each year on condition of academic achievement, behavior and involvement in the ESCP Europe community.

Applications for scholarships

Students wishing to be considered for scholarships apply once they have been admitted to the programme and will need to submit financial information (evidence of household income), in addition to documents previously provided. Admitted students applying for scholarships will be notified of the decision before they have to pay the non-refundable €2,500 deposit (which is due even if a scholarship is awarded).

For more information read our FAQ

Bachelor in Management (BSc)
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