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Chris Halliburton is Professor of International Management and Marketing, and the former UK Director, at ESCP Europe. He has degrees from the universities of Durham and London School of Economics (LSE) and has lectured at London Business School and Cass Business School, London. He has taught on a number of MBA and executive education programmes in different countries. He has acted as external examiner on the MBA programme at Cass Business School, (City University, London) and on the PhD programme, University of London.

Professor Halliburton has considerable experience of strategy and marketing consultancy in numerous consumer and industrial markets for such clients as Unilever, Gerber, Alliance Boots, Caterpillar, Xerox, IBM, as well as work for government. He acted as adviser to the Strategy and Marketing Group of Coopers and Lybrand, (now PwC). His overseas experience includes work in Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Far East. He is one of the few UK marketing academics to have been elected as a Fellow of The Marketing Society and has acted as a judge on the UK Marketing Effectiveness Awards.

His research interests are in the field of international marketing and branding, especially in aspects of cross-border marketing in Europe. He is the author of numerous publications on international marketing and branding. He especially enjoys working with colleagues from different countries on marketing issues of real relevance to companies working across international borders. Discover Chris Halliburton\'s video on the " - Pitfalls of International Marketing Campaigns" -

International Business Environment
European Business Environment
Brand management

Conference Proceedings

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Guest Speaker in a Conference

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