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- Interview with Jonas Scheck, a second year student in the Bachelor in Management programme. What he had to say about his experience with the application process, extra-curricular activities and ESCP. -

What prompted you to choose ESCP's Bachelor in Management (BSc)? 
Before I found out about ESCP, I had spent one year in the UK going to a high school near Brighton. I had also spent three months in Bristol to improve my English and two months in Barcelona to improve my Spanish. During my gap year, I had been busy with two internships when I heard about ESCP and its "3 years – 3 countries – 3 languages" slogan. Simply from that statement, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I had researched on other universities and business schools but ESCP's management focus, the language offering and the fact that I could choose to travel across Europe with my colleagues was so unique that it won me over. I knew a programme like this would really make me more independent - another crucial point to me.

What mindset did you have when making your application?
As any other student, I was conflicted between worries and excitement in the admission period. I did the usual... I uploaded the most important documents and was focusing on the reference letters I could get from my teachers. With the motivational letter I had definitely hit a speed bump as I had never written one before. My first draft was around 4 pages! My meeting with Ms Hillig (Head of Undergraduate Studies at ESCP Berlin) really helped, as I narrowed it down to a page and could finally send an application that I felt presented myself to the best of my abilities!

What extra-curricular activities did you have and what importance did they have in your application?  
In total, I had three extra-curricular activities. During high school, we had a special programme which encouraged students to do project work (we had freedom of choice here) outside of school hours. Together with two friends, we organised a music festival close to our school. I also organised a virtual trading competition at our school, including two seminars where interested students could participate and learn something out of the scope of normal school curriculum. Lastly, I volunteered to work at Hanseatic Help e.V, an NGO. They collect, organise, and distribute clothes to people in need and I was fortunate to be able to help out in every aspect of their distribution channel.

Everyone is required to sit in school. Extra-curricular activities not only set you apart from the rest but they make you who you are. They are so important in shaping your personality and I think that's what ESCP looks for. On my first day at ESCP, nobody talked about their grades, we rather shared all our unique experiences together. So in short: do not leave them out of your application!

You are in your second year now, how has your experience been in the classes? Have you experienced any changes on your part now that you are studying at ESCP?
The professors are the best. They are very supportive and challenging and their classes we do a lot of presentations, case studies, group work. It's a good mix of both theory and practice. Our class and work environment is also very professional and everyone is respectful to eachother. It really supports productivity in our work.

In terms of changes, I feel a lot more adept to work in a multicultural team and being in my second year, I have learnt a great deal of soft skills in terms of rhetorics, intercultural skills, team/group work organisation, as well as crucial hard skills with accounting, finance, business law, taxation and more.

Is there any advice that you may give to prospective students that are in the same position that you were in 2 years ago? 

  • Ask yourself who you are and who you want to be – there is no reason to make things up on your application because only those who are truly passionate about this programme and their future career, will get in.
  • Step up your game – show that you are a person who has learned a great deal from your life and that you are willing to take it even further.
  • Be courageous – remember that everybody has an equal right to be accepted, but to raise your chances you have to prove yourself!
  • Stay professional – always be respectful to others, know the ground rules and just simply be professional: Not only for your interview day, but for your whole time at ESCP.

"I wish you all the best success for your career – may it be at ESCP or at another university. Never forget who you are, chase your dreams, and be smart in your decisions. You are at a point in your life that will determine not only your next 3 years, but it will lay down a path for your whole life."

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