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Leon Laulusa is Executive Vice-President, Dean for Academic Affairs and International Relations at ESCP Europe. He is also Professor in the Financial Reporting and Audit department. His teaching encompasses financial accounting, audit, corporate governance, management accounting and control, management practices in China.

His main research interests span from international financial accounting to the impact of national culture on firms’ management.

Alongside his teaching and research activities, Dr Léon Laulusa has advised Asian and European top management in strategic performance and finance issues in international environment.

Previously, professor Laulusa was part-time lecturer at HEC Paris, Paris-Dauphine University, the Institut National des Telecommunications (INT). He was legal statutory auditor and served as a Partner in the Audit practice, then after in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) Consulting practice and China Desk at Deloitte France. Before the merger with Deloitte, he was former Managing Partner of the Consulting practice at BDO Marque & Gendrot for which he led various projects and consulting assignments in finance and audit issues at both national and international levels, and more specifically in Asian countries on behalf of large listed firms and governmental organizations like European Commissions and World Bank.

Professor Laulusa holds a HDR (French qualification for PhD Supervisor), a Ph.D. in Management Science (Paris-Dauphine University), an MBA degree from IAE de Paris – Pantheon Sorbonne University and he is also a French Chartered Accountant. He participated in the International Teachers Programme (ITP) at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Financial Reporting and Audit (FRA)
International Business Environment
European Business Environment
Human Dimension of Management

Conference Proceedings

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LAULUSA, L., HOSSFELD, C., DEMERENS, F. and J. Y. EGLEM (2016), Les Impacts des normes comptables internationales dans les pays en développement: cas de l'Afrique francophone de l'ouest, in: Alain Burlaud et Arnaud Thauvron, La Comptabilité en action- Mélange en l'honneur du professeur Geneviève Causse, L'Harmattan, 456.


LAULUSA, L. and J. Y. EGLEM (2011), L'impact des valeurs confucéennes sur le processus de contrôle de gestion dans une entreprise d'Etat Chinoise, COMPTABILITE CONTROLE AUDIT, Tome 17, Vol. 3, pp. 7-30 23 p.
LAULUSA, L. (2008), Confucianism and its implications for industrial relations in China, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION, pp .385-403 10p.

Guest Speaker in a Conference

GIRAUD, F., SAULPIC, O., BONNIER, C., GEUSER, F., LAULUSA, L., MENDOZA, C., NAULLEAU, G. and R. ZRIHEN (2009), L'Art du controle de gestion: Enjeux et pratiques, Business, Paris, Pearson Education, The art of management control.
GIRAUD, F., SAULPIC, O., DELMOND, M. H., BONNIER, C., GEUSER, F., LAULUSA, L., MENDOZA, C., NAULLEAU, G. and R. ZRIHEN (2011), The art of management control: Issues and practices, Business, Paris, Pearson Education, 1 - L'Art du controle de gestion - Enjeux et pratiques - GIRAUD , Françoise , Professeur à ESCP E - Gualino - 2009 - Paris, Traduction anglaise de L'art du contrôle de gestion : enjeux et pratiques.

Edited Special Issue

HOSSFELD, C., EGLEM, J. Y., DELVAILLE, P., BONNIER, C., LAULUSA, L., LE MANH, A., MAILLET, C., MIKOL, A. and C. SIMON (Eds) (2010), Comptabilité financière: approche IFRS et approche française, Gualino.

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