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Dr Kamran Razmdoost is an Associate Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe. Prior to joining ESCP, Kamran was a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at University College London (UCL) where he was engaged in a range of teaching and research activities in marketing. Kamran holds a PhD in Marketing from Cranfield School of Management, where he examined the effect of consumer knowledge miscalibration on consumer value.

Kamran is currently the Co-director of MSc in Marketing and Creativity. He delivers lectures on user experience, breakthrough products and technologies, international marketing decisions and marketing research on a number of postgraduate and executive development programmes.

Kamran’s research is broadly focused on value cocreation, and service ecosystem transformation and network resources. His research on service ecosystem has received award at the fifth Naples Forum on Service. Kamran’s behavioural research also investigates the effect of cognitive biases (such as knowledge miscalibration or overconfidence in social exclusion) on consumers' judgements and decision making. 

Kamran is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at UCL. He has been also a member of Academy of Marketing Science, European Marketing Academy, Association for Consumer Research and Strategic Management Society. 

Kamran has been involved in projects across a range of sectors including online retail, construction and Oil and Gas industries.



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