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About ESCP Europe Bicentenary (Boiler plate of Bicentenary)

A pioneer for the past 200 years, ESCP Europe can be proud of a large number of innovations (the "case method", the gap year) that have been successfully adopted all over the world. Today it is the only pan-European school, with six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw, and an associated campus in Luxembourg.

Beyond celebrating 200 years of a model that we invented, the whole ESCP Europe community participates in its redesign to implement the world of tomorrow. Throughout the year, hackathons, videos and blogs, conferences, Bicentenary Talks, and a unique European Festival Tour will collectively invent the Business School for the 21st Century.The events will take place on all Campuses and involve all parts of the School’s rich international community: Faculty, companies, students, alumni, and academic partners. http://tomorrow.escpeurope.eu