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Chair of
International Accounting

Prof. Dr. Martin Schimdt, Chair Owner of the Accounting chair, Berlin campus, ESCP EuropeFinancial reporting, in all of its forms, is crucial for the functioning of capital markets, and functioning capital markets are conductive to general welfare. Financial statements are the most important instrument for a firm to communicate with its shareholders and other market participants. Trust in financial statements is enhanced by the assurance provided through the statutory audit of financial statements. In Europe, other types of reports in addition to financial statements, are also important: Management reports and reports on environmental and corporate social responsibility. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have become the language of financial reporting that is spoken across the world. Learn the language, and join the conversation!

- Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt

The team

From left to right: Francis Goddard, Barbara Lutz, Stephanie Jana, Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt

We offer the following courses:

Master in

  • International Financial Reporting
  • Advanced International Financial Accounting
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MSc in International Sales Management

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
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MSc in
International Sustainability Management

  • Integrated Reporting
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MBA in
International Management

  • Management Accounting
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Executive MBA

  • Financial Accounting
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The Entrepreneurial Acceleration Programme

  • Financial Accounting
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  • Empirical Data Collection Methods
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Research approach

The empirical research focuses on financial accounting and auditing in accordance with national and international standards. A broad range of research methods is used, including archival methods (capital market-oriented, auditor’s working papers), surveys, and experimental designs.

The research is published in high-quality international journals, such as The Accounting Review, the European Accounting Review, Auditing: A Journal of Theory & Practice, Accounting & Business Research, The International Journal of Accounting, the Journal of Business, Finance & Accounting, and Accounting in Europe.

Besides scholarly research, contributions to practice are published. Examples include the application of international accounting standards and the audit of financial statements and assurance on other types of reports, such as interim reports or CSR reports.

Research topics

Judgement and Decision-Making in Auditing

Behavioural research analyses factors that influence judgement and decision-making (JDM) in auditing. High-quality JDM is crucial for assurance provided by statutory audits and thus, for functioning capital markets.

Financial Reporting Quality

Various factors influence the level of financial reporting quality. A high level of financial reporting quality and compliance with financial reporting standards is crucial for functioning capital markets.

Impact of Culture in Financial Reporting

There are different layers of culture (e.g., national, professional, organizational) that impact the way in which financial reporting standards are applied, and financial information is processed.

Focus on:
Last Publications


What drives the consequences of intentional misstatements? Evidence from rating analysts’ reactions, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 44 (1/2), 295–333 (with Martin Bierey)


Misstatements in Financial Statements: The Relationship between Inherent and Control Risk Factors and Audit Adjustments, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory 33 (4), 247–269 (with Klaus Ruhnke)

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Team and contact

Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt, Chair owner, Chair of International Accounting, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt

Chair of International Accounting
Stephanie Jana, Research Assistant, Chair of International Accounting, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Stephanie Jana

Research assistant / PhD student
Barbara Lutz, Chair Assistant, Chair of International Accounting, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Barbara Lutz

Dr. Martin Bierey, Adjunct Researcher, Chair of International Accounting, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Dr. Martin Bierey

Adjunct Researcher