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Jean-Baptiste Say Institute

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In 2017, the Entrepreneurship Chair, founded 10 years ago, became the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute. ESCP Europe was a pioneering institute in teaching entrepreneurship.

Over the last 10 years the Entrepreneurship Chair has been developing an alternative method for teaching and understanding entrepreneurship.

With the support of its network of European researchers and entrepreneurs, the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute now aims to train entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world in entrepreneurship and, using the ESCP Europe platform, provide them with a unique opportunity to access the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe.

Jean-François Royer, Associé EY, Responsable du Prix de l’Entrepreneur EY France depuis 1995
A few words from
Jean-François Royer,
EY Partner

Entrepreneurship is not just for start-ups, it's also a strategic issue for midcaps, major groups and more broadly throughout civil society. This institute offers an opportunity to ask important questions, foster debate and exchange ideas with the people who provide practical, long-term solutions.

Jean-François Royer,
Partner, EY, Head of the EY France Entrepreneur of the Year award since 1995

Cyrille Foillard, Directeur de l’innovation, RCI Bank and Services
A few words from
Cyrille Foillard,
Director of innovation,
RCI Bank and Services

In order to support the Alliance brands in their new customer mobility needs, RCI Bank and Services has chosen to rely on an external ecosystem. Our collaboration with the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute is part of this approach and has allowed us to connect with a population displaying a strong interest in new technologies and on-demand mobility services."

Cyrille Foillard, Director of innovation, RCI Bank and Services

Sylvain Bureau, Professeur Associé ESCP Europe et Directeur de l’Institut Jean-Baptiste Say
A few words from
Sylvain Bureau,
Associate Professor, ESCP Europe
Director of the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute

ESCP Europe has been training and supporting entrepreneurs for two centuries. It has done so with its groundbreaking expertise. As early as 1819, Jean-Baptiste Say, a renowned economist and co-founder of the school, defined the word entrepreneur for the first time. Today, the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute is inventing new methods for teaching students how to be entrepreneurs in an uncertain world. It is no longer simply a matter of possessing knowledge, but of being able to question this knowledge in order to reinvent ourselves and transform the world around us.

Sylvain Bureau, Associate Professor, ESCP Europe and Scientific Director of the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute


The Institute aims to:

  • Become the European benchmark for research and expertise in entrepreneurship with the support of its team (40 researchers and international experts).
  • Develop unique methods to become the leading institute for entrepreneurial leadership training for students, entrepreneurs and managers (20,000 individuals trained over 10 years)
  • Support projects by providing a comprehensive solution to help them succeed, from founding to acceleration (over600 startups over the last 10 years).


  • Art Thinking (with Stanford and the Centre Pompidou)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship (with Babson College)
  • Digital Transformation (with MIT)
  • Business models (with Ecole Polytechnique)


  • Studies and research
  • Incubation & acceleration
  • Conferences, workshops and events


Sylvain Bureau, Associate Professor, ESCP Europe and Director of the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute


Associate Professor, ESCP Europe
and Scientific Director of the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute

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Professor Lola HERRERO, Scientific Director - Chair Jean Baptiste Say - ESCP Europe

Professor Lola

Scientific Director, Madrid Campus

Prof. Dr. René Mauer,Chair Jean Baptiste Say, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Professor René

Scientific Director, Berlin Campus

Professor Davide SOLA, Scientific Director, Chair Jean Baptiste SAY, London Campus, ESCP Europe

Professor Davide

Scientific Director, London Campus

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